Acer Liquid E Announced: A1 Gets 2.1 Bump, Little Else


acer-liquid-e-smartphoneAcer’s first Android phone was the Acer Liquid A1 and now they’re following up their line with the Acer Liquid E. The odd thing is this isn’t really a “follow up”… they pretty much just slapped Android 2.1 on the Acer A1 and called it a day.

Here is the full press release:

Acer Liquid e
Socialize in high definition

Barcelona, 15-18 february 2010 – Acer is proud to present Liquid e, the new version of the already well known Liquid smartphone.

Acer Liquid e features the latest Android™ 2.1 Operating System (aka Éclair). Building on the processing and graphical capabilities of the Qualcomm™ Snapdragon™ and its high definition screen, Liquid e is the state-of-the-art for multimedia, web browsing, and social media integration. It should thrill both avid users of internet on-the-go and new users eager to experience the rich possibilities offered by this innovative device.

This appealing high definition smartphone is the ideal solution for users demanding the best from their devices and in particular for high-definition video playback or streaming, gaming and browsing smoothly rich-content internet sites.

What’s new on Liquid e with Android Éclair 2.1:

  • Home screens – The new version now handles five home screens by default, allowing users to easily install more applications from the rich selection available on the Android Market, as well as shortcuts and widgets;
  • Quick Contacts – a feature that lets users easily switch between the address book and the social network applications;
  • Live wallpapers to customize your Liquid e on the fly;
  • A new keyboard layout with an extended dictionary for predictive input;
  • An updated version of the Android browser, supporting HTML5, double-tap zooming, video tagging support and geo-location API support.

With its 3.5” high-definition capacitive touch screen, Acer Liquid e offers an unparalleled experience when watching pictures or videos, and proposes an abundance of new applications on Android™ Smart Handhelds – games, professional applications and web applets that will enrich the end user experience.

Powered by the powerful Qualcomm™ Snapdragon™ processor, Acer Liquid e provides instant access to web pages, smooth streaming of videos or music, and instant response from popular mail, maps and search applications. The high-speed processing capabilities and high-speed internet access (HSPA) of Snapdragon™ brings to life the Android™ experience: no idle-time, almost instant uploads of web pages and downloads of rich multimedia content. The developer community can now take full advantage of these capabilities to bring to market innovative applications that demand raw computing power and superior handling of 3D graphics

And specs:



Tell us the truth… are you disappointed?

[Via Press Release]

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  1. Well it shows hope for a A1 2.1 update soon.

  2. “JUST Android 2.1” and “called it a day”? o.O

    Fuck no I’m not disappointed! Android 2.1 for my Liquid is just about THE news I was hoping for.
    There is also a short video:
    (Yay for Live Wallpapers… let’s hope the Droid guys get the same love.)

    Btw, I think the “Liquid e” is just a reissue of the Liquid, simply with Android 2.1 preinstalled. So my Liquid will turn into a “Liquid e” when I get the update… or whatever.

    Aaand: The “A1” is just an internal name. It’s just “Acer Liquid”, or maybe “Acer Liquid S100” if you want numbers (that’s the number from the phone description on the retail box).

  3. The only thing that would disappoint me is if it was more than $400 unlocked. The ~$300 range niche just isn’t filled yet.

  4. Huh?’mm

  5. Well, it certainly could be disappointing for liquid users if that means there won’t be an OTA update for them. OTOH, it means it is technically possible to use 2.1 on a liquid device (froyo on liquid… Hm ;-) ).

  6. I’m not dissappointed! This is great! Well, I would like to change only two things in Liquid:

    1. Restyle it as Nexus One or beTouch E400.
    2. Boost RAM to atleast 512 MBs.

  7. Lol@finger controlled keyboard.
    What are the other options? Tongue controlled? Nose controlled? D*ck controlled?

  8. How about those who have already bought the Acer Liquid? Will they get the upgrade from the existing Android 1.6 ROM to the new 2.1 ROM?

  9. Owners of the acer liquid 1 will be getting the 2.1 update after the liquid e is launched. thats fantastic news. I will be getting the liquid e when it comes out on rogers hopefully.A big reason is that acer will be supporting its phone when it comes to updates.

  10. Anyone else notice in the specs it says “Google chrome” , incorrect :D

  11. wow kerem euy

  12. Can anyone help me to install a live wallpaper on my liquid e s100? sorry for the (maybe) stupid question.

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