Samsung Beam: Halo, i8520 Already Gets 3rd Name


It was just last night that Samsung accidentally let the Samsung i8520 leak through their own press release, somewhat spoiling the Samsung Wave announcement that was supposed to make a solo appearance/announcement. Later that night, Engadget got execs to cough up the admission – it would be announced the next day as the Samsung Halo. Now we find out that “Halo” was a codename because today the phone was officially announced as the Samsung Beam.

The name certainly makes sense for a projector phone, and with the capability to record video at 720p HD, this isn’t just a projector for business people. Why not snap some funny/entertaining videos with your friends and share them without having people huddle around your phone? How about a little YouTube browsing in unison? For a projector phone the Samsung Beam looks surprisingly consumer friendly, compact and pocketable.

Here is a video demo from the event:

The projector seems to work pretty well. I mean, the 9 lumen brightness COULD be brighter and perform better, but it’s coming out of a PHONE so come on now. They say it’ll be able to run projector footage for up to 3 hours.


The Samsung “people” at the event don’t seem too sure of themselves but claim “yes, maybe” it will come out in the summer in Europe, Asia and the United States. The “maybe” didn’t seem too confident either but between now and Summer I’m sure more details will emerge.

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  1. LOL, that looks better than their Bada OS.

  2. hehe not bad looks like Samsung got the higher rez screens now. :)

  3. joder.. when can I buy one???

  4. Why not send someone who is actually fluent in English? I hear that language might be the next big thing.

  5. This is an awesome phone. It has Samsung’s new TouchWiz 3 UI, just like the Bada Os’s Wave phone, which I like the look of.

    The Super Amoled screen alone is enough to get me drooling, never mind 720P video recording, 8MP camera, pico projector, huge 1800 mAh battery and Samsung’s 1Ghz processor.

    Only thing is if it’s coming out in the summer that is June at the earliest, so they had better put the latest Android version on it, which should be Froyo.

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