Google SuperBowl Ad: Paris Wedding?


Google could be airing a SuperBowl ad tomorrow in 3rd quarter. Rumor has it that the commercial will be called “Parisian Love” and it documents a series of Google searches done over a long period of time that follow a long distance relationship from first glance to married with kids. Here it is:

Tonight Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt tweeted about “hell freezing over” and mentions the 3rd quarter of the SuperBowl, which set the rumors ablaze:


John Battelle from Battelle Media provided a pre-emptive scoop of the news. The awkward thing is that USA Today’s list of SuperBowl advertisers does NOT include Google. But you know who it DOES include… it includes Motorola. And according to AdAge the Bowl is sold out so there isn’t likely to be a “late entry” although I suppose Google could have requested anonymous entry.

So is Eric Schmidt tweeting about this Paris Wedding commercial or the Motorola Superbowl commercial or something else or both or WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON? This year I’m DEFINITELY intrigued by the commercials and the game should be amazing as well. Or the other way around. Whatevs.

Rob Jackson
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  1. It needs to be a Nexus one commercial, if it’s not…

  2. am i the only one whos youtube app plays about 4 seconds before freezing EVERY time i try to watch something? Just curious

  3. Works fine for me…

  4. But… Everyone already uses Google search.. We need an Android/Nexus advert.

  5. Hmm maybe its a joined advertising from Motorola/HTC? Booth CEO’s sat side by side when the Nexus one was anounced.

  6. Simple and impressive. Imagination at work.

  7. its gotta be the N1 for Verizon. One more thorn in the evil orange empires side!

  8. I’m not gonna lie, that was a pretty touching commercial.

  9. This would be to counter the Bing ads. Rather have a N1 commercial though.

  10. that was a very nice commercial. if nothing else, i’m glad i got to watch it here.

  11. Ah yes, a Moto Devour commercial!! Just saw it.

  12. Great commercial.

  13. Just saw the google paris commercial

  14. hey, the commercial just aired!!

  15. Yea, this commercial just aired. Wasn’t too great. Everyone already uses google.

  16. Just saw the google commercial on tv! So cute :) Great response from the party!!

  17. everyone should use BING search!!!!

  18. bing and decide….for results that matter.

  19. The Goggle commerical was weak.

  20. Google needs to hire someone else to do PR. They may be good at writing algorithms, but their marketing and image design is pathetic.

  21. Hey, I really enjoyed it! I thought it stood out in how it told a nice “feel good” story using something we’re all already familiar with. No ridiculous jokes or screaming chickens were needed to keep my attention. :P

  22. Hmm maybe its a joined advertising from Motorola/HTC? Booth CEO’s sat side by side when the Nexus one was anounced.

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