HTC Magic Now Compatible With Sense!


HTCMagicSenseSo for you HTC Magic users out there that have been operating without any Sense, HTC Sense UI that is, today’s the day that HTC finally released ROM Version:3.05.401.3.  Hit up HTC’s download page for all the necessary instructions and downloads.

Anyone either already update their Magic or about to? Let us know how it goes and any pros/cons you find to your newly updated HTC Magic.

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. Just tried this and it wouldn’t accept my S/N, is this not available to UK users (I know we got a slightly different version of the magic). Anyone else having problems?

  2. 1.5?

    If it’s 2.x I will be really angry >:[

  3. no love for the MT3G?

  4. I just went to the HTC site to try this upgrade for the Mytouch 3G. When you enter your SN (required for the download) you are told that this upgrade is NOT compatable/available for this device. FRUSTRATING!!!!

  5. rogers magics should have got the update for sense already [3.05.631.7]
    apparently 2.0+ will be down the road.

  6. I am on Rogers and I updated my phone about a week ago to HTC Sence it did not upgrade my phone its still 1.5. Works well not zippy, but not lagy aswell.
    “Pintch and Zoom” now works on Dolphen browser!
    FWI: “Pintch and Zoom” did not work before I upgraded to HTC Sence.
    (however I also upgrated Dolphen so maby they just added support for 1.5…)

  7. I’m gonna stay “with Google”, i think.

  8. Definitely lame that you can’t install this on t-mobile myTouch 3G phones.

  9. I upgraded to sense a while back on my rogers magic. It’s great my browser is better and I get no lag.I also found it came with some new HTC apps like peep and footprints. Digging the change for real.

  10. Upgraded on my Rogers (canada) Magic a week ago. It is definitely way better than the stock android UI. It’s like I have a new phone now. There was a memory leak issue with the using the cell towers to determine location with the old firmware, which seems to have been rectified on this version. I would never go back to stock android 1.5!

    I particularly like their new “album” app which replaces the gallery app. You can swipe through the photos and have the pinch zoom multitouch capability. The lock screen is also much slicker.

  11. I’ve been operating without sense for a long time. It’s a wonder I’m still employed.


  12. Is this for 32b? 32A devices already got sence update.

  13. I have the Ion (Magic/Sapphire), but I agree with the above comment, I’ll stick with the ROM I have :) I also have a Sprint Hero, and Rosie.apk (Sense app) was the first thing I removed after rooting. The second thing I removed was the annoying bootup animation (the sound is what annoyed me, the animation wasn’t so bad)

    But yeah, if you miss your WinMo device, then I guess HTC Sense is good for you. If you went with Android to get away from WinMo, chances are you’re going to prefer the “vanilla” L&F.

  14. I upgraded my Magic to the new release last weekend. Although the update brings lots of cool features it also holds tons of bugs. Battery holds less, problem with contacts, ringtones, etc. Honestly I’d rather stayed stock.

  15. If I weren’t rooted and were a possible candidate for the “upgrade” I’d be most concerned about whether or not I could revert back to the vanilla Android. Having played around with Sense 1.5 and 2.1 as well as vanilla 1.6, 2.0 and 2.1 I would be one to revert to vanilla Android. Sense has some really cool features (the 2.1 dialer should be in every Android release!), but it’s almost too “showy” for my tastes. Especially after having 2.1 on my G1 for a couple days now there’s no way I’d choose sense over it as it actually lacks some things I prefer(viewing contacts groups for one).

  16. Htc is a retard by having to different chip sets 32B and 32A
    the 32B comes with 192 megs ram and the 32A 288 megs ram.
    same phone mind you, but no let’s cut the ram for the t-moblie phone…dumb they should keep it as one model.

  17. I have it for HTC Magic Rogers Canada as a manditory update. It sucks… They have disabled many Google utilities such as Google Talk’s contact picture update. It has a large list of always on apps that I personally will never use and cannot disable or preferably uninstall.

    Twitter (peep)

    Uses 60MB more RAM than prior to upgrade with less apps downloaded and running

    Feels nice though.
    Pinch-to-zoom is cute but to hard on small screen.

  18. Is it possible to get a SN from an HTC Magic to use on the website and then apply the ROM to a mytouch 3g?

  19. Doesn’t the HTC Magic/ mytouch 3g have a plastic touchscreeen?

  20. I have 288 mb non brended HTC Magic and still cant update new rom from htc.com!!!

  21. just entered my ser/no in Australia also not accepted mmmmm

  22. There was a problem with the downloads last week, should be fixed now. If you still get the “not for your device” the download isn’t compatible.

  23. I have mine updated via the Roger 911 patch. It’s smooth and fast. However, it uses up a lot of the phone memory. I found only 50MB left out of my 288MB phone memory. Overall, it’s a must.

  24. Gdzie moge znaleźć SN w moim HTC Magic Orange?
    Prosze o pomoc dzięki z góry

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