Jan 29th, 2010

t-mobile-nexus-one-outage-errorSo this morning we were flooded at Android Forums with complaints of user’s beloved Nexus Ones experiencing data connectivity issues with T-Mobile. One such user emailed us bright and early this morning to tell us about his phone calls with TMobile as well as HTC in regards to his lack of data service:

I just got off the phone with T-Mobile who transferred me over to HTC Technical Support because I was not receiving data on my phone, opening the Android Browser indicated I needed to contact T-Mobile and add a DataConnect Plan in order to receive data on my phone.

T-Mobile check everything on my account & appeared ok then transferred me to HTC Technical Support who indicated there currently is a problem with most Nexus One devices connecting to Data Services on the T-Mobile Network and they hope to have it fixed sometime this morning.

Frustrating to say the least!

A member at Android Forums says that Customer Service has been reporting these types of issues since 3AM, but hoped to have the issues resolved by lunch today. Well its currently 12:42PM EST, anyone out there still having issues with data connectivity and receiving a run around from T-Mobile and HTC?

[via Android Forums, image via Engadget]

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