Nexus One and T-Mobile Experience Data Issues


t-mobile-nexus-one-outage-errorSo this morning we were flooded at Android Forums with complaints of user’s beloved Nexus Ones experiencing data connectivity issues with T-Mobile. One such user emailed us bright and early this morning to tell us about his phone calls with TMobile as well as HTC in regards to his lack of data service:

I just got off the phone with T-Mobile who transferred me over to HTC Technical Support because I was not receiving data on my phone, opening the Android Browser indicated I needed to contact T-Mobile and add a DataConnect Plan in order to receive data on my phone.

T-Mobile check everything on my account & appeared ok then transferred me to HTC Technical Support who indicated there currently is a problem with most Nexus One devices connecting to Data Services on the T-Mobile Network and they hope to have it fixed sometime this morning.

Frustrating to say the least!

A member at Android Forums says that Customer Service has been reporting these types of issues since 3AM, but hoped to have the issues resolved by lunch today. Well its currently 12:42PM EST, anyone out there still having issues with data connectivity and receiving a run around from T-Mobile and HTC?

[via Android Forums, image via Engadget]

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  1. It’s fixed now. I was having the problem earlier today and called t-mobile. I got about the same response. But about 30 minutes ago, I put it in airplane mode and back out just to rest the data connection, and I can get websites again.

  2. Just wanted to say the same thing as Joey. Hope it works for everyone else too.

  3. The problem is that the Nexus One is not a “T-Mobile” phone. So all that T-Mobile can do really is make sure your account is set up right and check to see if they have been advised of any known issues in your area. If everything on their end checks out, then off you go to HTC.

  4. It is working for me as well, coverage came back on in the Boston area about an hour ago. However I am only getting an Edge connection where I normally get 3G coverage.

  5. Didn’t notice anything on the west coast…

  6. i didn’t notice anything either. it seems to be that all these problems are stemming from the tmobile subsidized versions. i bought mine unlocked and have had no problems with it.

  7. I called the number and after a few menus went to HTC. I didn’t have to wait, the service rep said all N1s were out, and I said thanks. It came back on after lunch, no problem. My is an unlocked phone.

  8. im still having problems with my htc g1 :\

  9. i had the same problem, but mine wasnt a subsidized version. i called tmobile, and in 2 minutes i was told they had to make a slight change to my plan (basically saying i needed an android data plan) and my phone was working again

  10. “basically saying i needed an android data plan) and my phone was working again”

    hey, if you’re not paying for a data plan, why should you expect to get data? This sounds moere like a problem on the sales end when the account is set up. What am I missing here?

  11. @Dan Noble
    T-Mobile has a couple different data plans. When I got my Nexus, I had to switch from a “G1 Data Plan” to an “Android Data Plan”. I’m sure that’s what Mehdi was referring to.

    I had this issue at the same time as the tipper, and it was fixed after putting my phone in airplane mode and reconnecting to the network after a minute.

  12. fwiw, i switched to a nexus one from my blackberry and didn’t change the data (or voice plan) and everything’s been working fine (about a week now). i have an older 19.99 unlimited data plan and haven’t experienced any problems…

  13. THanks ….It worked for me too.

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