Google Nexus One Event Recap


Unfortunately I didn’t attend the Nexus One event today and instead I’m sitting in my Vegas hotel room reporting on it as I wait for CES to begin tomorrow. I’m guessing you didn’t go either? Well if you want a recap of the event in bullet form we thought we would catch you up to speed quickly:


  • Next Stage in the Android Revolution
  • 13 New members of the OHA including China Telecom, NEC and Freescale
  • Discussing the growth of hardware and software… from the G1 to the Droid: “20 devices, 59 carriers, 48 countries, 19 languages”
  • They talk about taking Android to the next level and officially announce the Nexus One
  • HTC CEO comes on stage to share some key specs while holding the phone: 3.7″ AMOLED display, 1GHz processor, Android 2.1 3D graphics, 480 x 800 pixel resolution
  • 2 microphones for voice cancellation
  • You can get your Nexus One ENGRAVED!
  • 5 homescreens
  • News and weather widget with GPS
  • 3D elements like Live Wallpaper, App Drawer, Photo Gallery
  • Clustered picture galleries by date/location
  • Voice activation for EVERY text field on the phone
  • Google Earth for Android
  • They just coined the term “superphones”, a new class that the Nexus One falls in
  • Google announces a hosted web store for locked/unlocked Android Phones at http://google.com/phone
  • The phone will currently be available with a T-Mobile contract but Verizon/Vodafone offerings are coming in Spring and Google is working on adding not only more carriers… but also MORE DEVICES to their list of sponsored superphones!
  • $529 unlocked, $179 with T-Mobile 2-year contract
  • You need a Google Account to buy the phone because it uses Google Checkout. You would need a Google Account to use the phone anyways… so its not that big of a deal. Slowly but surely Google is sucking you in to use ALL of their services!
  • It’s really quick and easy to order – I know because I did so myself.
  • Overnighted if you buy it now or 72 hours if you get it engraved
  • Motorola is also getting involved (fact, their CEO was on stage) and will likely be the 2nd phone in Google’s web store (speculation, by me)

Then came the Q&A which, if you saw it, was absolutely BRUTAL. The question askers pulled no punches and in some cases playfully confrontational. In any case, here are some of the goodies to come out of the Q&A:

  • Future versions of Android will allow for Apps to be installed on the SD card.
  • Google is the merchant of record and you purchase the phone from Google… but the manufacturer is HTC. This is interesting in terms of supply chain – I wonder how much Google is paying HTC for each unlocked device?
  • Engadget asked about Multi-touch support in terms of the Droid vs. Milestone issue and nobody seemed to have an answer. Even Peter Chou said “The HTC Hero has multi-touch” but they just said “it is something we’ll look at” when talking about the Nexus One.
  • Motorola is going to try and update the Droid to Android 2.1 – or as much of it as they can and this should happen relatively soon!

So what do you think? Have we just entered a new era of mobile phone buying? Head on over to the Nexus One Forums to discuss!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. Phases is uber super excited.

  2. its http://www.google.com/phone singular, not plural.

  3. We have entered the European way of phone buying. Again it proves that the USA is behind. However, if companies would follow T-mobiles example and charge less for their plans if people do not buy their phones, we would start getting somewhere.

  4. for those who said “this is not the google phone” explain this:

    notice the middle part of the url…

  5. I’m planning to have mine engraved “Google World Domination 1.0”

  6. forget! Google is trying to charge me $529 for the phone. I bought and still have the g1. Come one google. Come on tmobile.7 years and this is how u treat me ? Tmobile is disrespectful and stupid for lisenting to google and going with their price plan. Damn I can’t even add it to my bill. Sorry if I don’t have $529 laying around for a new phone ? I’m under contract so I can’t cancle my exsting line to get the phone for $180.then I would be paying $200 for the etf not including whatever bills I owe. And the turn arounf and pay another $180 for this phone. What is a haitian to do? Tmobile dropped another ball. I knew if tmobile was involved something bad as going to happen. Trust e tmobile will lose more than gain customers because of this stunt.

  7. Engraving: “Bought Nexus 1 January 5th, 2010… Divorced January 6th, 2010” I buy WAY too many phones…

  8. “superphones”? that emblem will allow carriers too charge 10 dollars a month for, thanx guys. dumbphone-smartphone-superphone. marketing…

    “Slowly but surely Google is sucking you in to use ALL of their services!”

    this is a big deal for me and is making me hesitant on getting an android phone. i dont need google holding my hand through everything i do with my phone and offering to take care of all my info. give me my phone, if you offer a service MAYBE i will get it maybe not, but other than that, dont force feed me your crap, let me choose, dont be apple…

  9. Too bad you can only upgrade if you aren’t on a T-mobile family plan and you stick to their crappy 500 min plan. You can’t even have their Unlimited anytime plan.

    Or you can buy the phone outright for $530 + Tax and keep current plan.

    that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of and with not being able to insure it.


  10. @COOLMandingo
    Google and Tmobile purposely did that to Haitians in particular. I’m sorry; if you had been born Italian you would have gotten a better subsidy. I guess it’s just .. i don’t know.. life.

  11. I’m seeing unlocked droids on ebay fetching prices over $500. Now I’m thinking that I can buy the Nexus and sell it in 6 months when the next best thing comes out. And best part of all is that it will be out of contract if I buy it for $529.

  12. I would’ve loved to know if G1/MyTouch users are going to get an update at all to maybe 2.0.1 at least, but that was never directly answered. Just that legacy devices will be upgraded as high as they can go. Ok, well how high can these two devices go?

  13. The N1 is the first android phone that I am seriously considering purchasing but I have 2 questions.

    1) Will I still be able to apply me corporate discount if I go with the subsidized version. How do I do this?

    2) In CA we have a 30 day return and service cancellation with no charge. Does this still apply or am I waiving that right by purchasing this phone through this new method?

  14. Have we just entered a new era of mobile phone buying? Oh yes, at the Google web store you first buy the handset and then choose your price plan. This will lead to a price cut in cell phone plans sooner or later, I think, as it is outlined here: http://bit.ly/7muHQ6 .

  15. Well @everyone interested (no offense to anyone):
    The price tag is very reasonable considering the hardware you get for that. Nobody (almost) complains about the iPhone and its price. in Europe to get an unlocked version costs between $1000 and $1500. Noone cares… And T-Mobile has overpriced contracts here in europe as well – I do not think that it has something to do with the phones they offer you with those contracts.

    But hey noone needs to buy that phone. If you have a contract, you probably have a phone. In our day and age, where technology moves that fast, we could buy a new phone every week and still have an old phone when we receive it because there will be a better model some place else. Therefore: before you buy a phone (or make a new contract all together) look around… and please do not complain about a price tag that is very good all things considered.

    Now that I got that out ;-)
    I am really looking forward to that phone being released in Europe and I really hope they have the multitouch ready by then. I do not like the double-tap zoom… it does not work sometimes and it those rare cases you will have problems reading a webpage.
    The other excitement goes to the NOT underclocked processor which supposedly works with the 1GHz clockspeed and still is able to give you 7 hours of speaking time… amazing

  16. Carl “NEEDS” a NeXus One :D

  17. Are we going to be able to get it with a family plan on t-mobile? D:

  18. i was hoping for an HDMI or Video-out capability. Any word on this???

  19. Dodging the multi-touch question was pretty lame.

  20. yes, the nexus makes much more sense in Europe. I think it was Andy rubin who kept mentioning that globally it has a very reasonable price. Google doesn’t need N1 to sell android to the US….that’s what Verizon is for.

  21. Verizon confirmed but no AT&T. Bummer. :(

    I really want one but I can’t use a smart phone restricted to edge only. It reminds me of my horrible browsing experiences on the first iphone.

  22. T-Mobile announced, just at Google debuted the Nexus One “superphone,” that its entire 3G network is now enabled with HSPA 7.2, and that it will be the first U.S. carrier to launch the 3.5G technology HSPA+.

  23. “Unfortunately I didn’t attend the Nexus One event today”

    So why should we listen to you them?

  24. “Sorry, the Nexus One phone is not available in your country.”

    Anyone willing to ship one to australia?

  25. @Super Steve: We weren’t THERE but followed it on live blogs and video feeds. But you certainly don’t have to listen to us.. There are other sites where you can find the same information that you’re more than welcome to go check out. ;)

    @freelancer: You paypal funds to me, and pay the shipping/insurance costs to have it sent to you after letting me open the box and check it out for – uh – phandroid related reasons.. and.. perhaps! ..or, Rob bought one that he MAY be willing to send off assuming you cover all costs.

  26. @Josh: I think that dodging the multi-touch question was actually pretty revealing.

  27. For those who don’t know about the only plan t-mobil offers with this phone………see below.

    by Succulence January 5, 2010 1:09 PM PST
    What is most disappointing about this announcement is that the only available plan is a complete rip-off.

    “500 talk minutes. Unlimited nights and weekends. Unlimited T-Mobile to T-Mobile minutes. Unlimited domestic messaging including SMS, MMS, IM. Android Unlimited Web. $79.99 per month.”

    This plan costs $20 more then it’s equivalent with any other phone. So, just to use the Nexus One will cost you an extra $20 a month. The main reason I don’t have an iPhone is because AT&T’s plans are far more costly then Sprint or T-Mobil. This is not revolutionary, it is more of the same. Actually worse because the plan it uses under T-Mobil is only for the Nexus one.

  28. Sorry to all existing T-MO Customers (See the link at the end of my post). I have been with T-Mo for a little over 3 years now and I am still using the DASH I got then. My current plan has 1500 anytime min for $40, unlimited Internet for $20, and 300 texts for $5 a month. In order to get this phone at ANY (more on this in a moment) discount I have to downgrade my plant to 500 min for the same $40 and downgrade to unlimited web and texts for $40…or $15 a month more for 1000 minutes less. On top of that my penalty…err ahh…reward for being a good, paying, 3+ year T-Mobile customer (with 2 lines) is that I actually have to pay $379 for the phone since I already have a voice and data plan on my account. (If I only had a voice plan I would have to $279… still a $100 penalty). The information on the real pricing is here: http://www.google.com/support/android/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=171784

  29. @jo. I was kiding. It just a saying in miami. I know it has nothing to do with me being haitian. But anyway it still sucks that tmobile had any part of this. I can’t even get the phone for the $180. I was told $529 straight up which reall really sucks.I just read that we can’t add insurrance. Naw tmobile and google setting everyone up! The is the biggest bust in tech history as far as phones go.what the hell where they thinking or were they?major major major fail on google and especially tmobile monkey a&*!! So eager to get new customer they agree to anything.the plan they offered with the n1 is ass . I can’t wait to cancle my service.7 years with tmobile and now I’m officially done.

  30. @CoolMandingo
    I know you were kidding :) so was I.
    I got off the phone with Tmobile and I know more then their rep. He’s telling me that even if I pay $530 for the phone I’m still obligated to a 2-year contract.

  31. for those, who missed the event:

  32. Jo: “I pay $530 for the phone I’m still obligated to a 2-year contract”


    If you buy the $530 ‘version’, you get an unlocked phone. you can just put your current SIM card in there and it should be fine. You’ll be using your current plan with your Nexus One.

    You can buy the un-subsidized plans from T-mobile if you buy an unlocked Nexus One. They are called the “Even More Plus” plans, if i’m not mistaken.

  33. europe pls… :O LOUDDDDDD!!!

  34. hey Rob,
    I’m in Vegas too, on my droid cause internet is 14 dollars a day! Let’s hit the town tonight!

  35. no one can deny that google/tmobile efffffed up on this one. the plan sucks. changing from existing plan for a lesser plan to pay the same?not being able to add it to your bill was stupid. i was told i had to pay the $529 bcause of my last upgrade.im like wait a minute my last upgrade was the g1 when it first came out sept. 2008. i was told i wont be able to get a full upgrade until july!!! what!!!! im sorry that i dont have $529 . this phone will separate the have and the have nots. i guess i wil wait for it to get on another network or at least wait for the xperia x10 from sony ericcsson or cancel and go with another company. am i the only pissed of of the price tag and feeling burned by google and tmobiles lack of balls.

  36. Umm how many mega pixels is the camera no one has reported this it looks big for a 5mp

  37. Engraved with “SkyNet”

  38. @Coolmandingo
    what makes you think you get the subsidized version just because you are a t-mobile customer right now. They make the subsidy because you buy the plan as well. If you signed a 2 year contract 1.5 years ago you won’t get the phone for $180 when they can’t be sure that you stay with t-mobile another 2 years. That is just how it works on any network with any phone out there.
    i definitely get the nexus one as soon its out here in germany (unlocked – i would pay more with a new plan)

  39. I wish they were launching this phone on verizon sooner than later. I think I am delaying my inevitable purchase of the Moto Droid. I don’t think I can wait until Q2 this year for the N1. Wonder if other VZW Android phones will be announced at CES?

  40. This is it, the android phone I’ve waiting for. This is a superphone not a smartphone like the Iphone but a superphone . This is gonna be a game changer for the mobile phone industry, google earth on a phone? what will they think of next?? I can’t wait to get my own nexus one this phone IS the Iphone killer no doubt about it it might help make apple better i suppose but in my opinion this is the iphone killer

  41. Rob Jackson
    Can you PLEASE compare this phone to the Droid?!?!? Engagdet’s review of the Nexus One is saying that the Droid would be a better investment than the Nexus One. This is a matter of my first Android phone!

  42. Sorry if I just sounded a little selfish.

  43. this sucks! way too expensive. what is UP with the data plan. why cant we have our regular g1 data plan. robbery! if it was cheaper soooo many more ppl would buy it. now i have to wait for someone i know to buy it and then i’ll play with it and see if it’s worth it, but i’ll probably just wait until my G1 dies and buy whatever the hot phone at the minute is… probably the android to be released after this.

    they are gonna lose so much business this way.

  44. Damn. I was all set to buy it and switch to T-Mobile. And then they said it’s coming on Verizon, where I am now. That one announcement probably cost T-Mobile millions of $$.

    And isn’t the Nexus One basically the Droid with a faster processor, no physical keyboard and Android 2.1?

    While pleased with it all, I was hoping for something a little more radical, like a phone that was free and supported by advertising, or a phone that works on all the carriers, allowing me to shop for the best price / best service, or a phone where I don’t need a voice plan and use VOIP and just buy a data plan. Hopefully some of that will happen soon.

  45. can someone explain, like you are talking to a child, if this is correct:
    IF you are a current tmobile g1 customer but you buy the unlocked phone and put your sim card in, can you then cancel your g1 data plan and use the phone WITHOUT adding the the expensive data plan they want you to add?

  46. Voice Cancellation?

    Call me crazy, but don’t you mean noise? Not sure about you, but I kind of want people to hear me when I’m talking ;)

  47. the Nexus One is no iPhone-killer….

    … it’s the iPhone-murderer!

  48. coolmandingo, you’re a moron, seriously. first off, leaving a company just because you didn’t get the phone you want priced the way you want is pretty stupid, imo. i get if you dislike their service or they’ve screwed you over pretty badly, but what your complaining about is so shallow and unimportant. tmobile has GREAT coverage in miami. i live here too, so i can speak from first hand experience. secondly, it’s not so mind-boggling that you can’t get insurance on this phone. you can’t get it on the iphone either. i know it sucks, but by getting insurance, someone along the way would lose money if you ever broke your phone. it’s a business first and foremost, and the goal is to make money.

  49. @phoenix
    I’m from Miami too.. and I can tell you that coverage in Little haiti is so so. The Haitian is right.

  50. I currently pay $150 on Tmobile for a family plan. They are telling me that I have to add $80 ON TOP of the $150 if I want a line used by the Nexus phone.

    No, FORCIBLE RAPE! wait… that’s redundant.. ASS RAPE!

  51. Now Mae, when you grow up, you can get your very own phone. Once you’re old enough, you’ll need to get a job. Then you start saving money. Once you have $530 in your bank account (something all grownups should have), you can get on the internet like a big girl, and buy an unlocked Nexus One! It will be all yours, and “unlocked” means you can do whatever you want with it! You can pay for a data plan for it, or you can just use it on WiFi. You can use it on a train. You can use it on a plane. You can use it with your old SIM card and existing data plan. You can use it while you eat green eggs and ham, but please don’t use it to send spam…

    (You said explain it like talking to a child. How’d I do?)

  52. @mae

    if you pay $530 for the phone you can use any plan you want. this phone will work on at&t for voice calls and edge data (slow internet), if you wanted to do that. or you can use it with your current t-mobile plan without any upgrades. or you can use it with only a voice plan from t-mobile, without the data. if you dont use a wireless data plan, the phone will connect to local wi-fi routers for internet. just order the phone from google and stick in your sim card.

    on the other hand, if you buy the phone subsidized in some way (less than $530) then they will force you to sign a two year contract with specific prices and coverages.

  53. so what if I had an existing voice/data plan..
    can’t I just pop the sim out and put it into the nexus and get away with using my existing plan? or will tmobile find out and charge me for a new $80 individual plan?

  54. Honestly, USA people, buying an unsubsidized unlocked phone for USD529 is very reasonable for the specs you are getting. I think it’s going to be a HUGE viewpoint change Google is trying to effect in USA to make them see what the rest of the world already sees. The idea is you buy a phone that you like, and shop around for a telco that offers you a price and data plan that fits. However, whatever country you are in, whatever phone company you’re on, if you had signed a fixed-term contract for your phone/data plan, terminating it (to move to another provider) is going to lead to termination charges. After all, you signed a contract going in, with your eyes open. The problem with USA right now, which I do sympathise with, is that all the phone companies don’t have a common phone and data frequency/technology.

  55. I bought the phone online at 5:15 central time, the phone is coming from California so the order went at least an hour or two earlier there. But i have not yet received a tracking number. Anyone know what the cut-off time is to order and still receive next day? I dont want to keep my hopes up if nothings coming tomorrow, Im emotionally fragile, I almost died when I first got my MyTouch and found out it didnt have 288mb RAM like the Magic but just 192mb RAM like the G1. I hate TMobile on so many levels…

  56. Wait a second, I have a mytouch, with unlimited data/texts and like 1000 minutes. Am I going to have to make adjustments to my plan to use this phone? Sorry if its a stupid question, Ive read inklings about what plan has to be used but i havent gotten a clear picture. I assumed if i had unlimited data/text and was willing to pay full price id just be able to use the phone, and when i mentioned that id be getting the nexus one to TMO customer service today she made some internet adjustment so the phone would work but never mentioned having to change my plan. thanks

  57. Seriously, can none of you people read and understand their website? The unlocked device will work on any plan on any network that is compatible with it’s radio frequencies. In the US that means 3G on T-Mobile and 2G on AT&T. You need a data plan to get data. T-Mobile has an Android data plan and it’s probably $24.99 or $29.99.

    If you want the $179 subsidized phone, you must use their special rate plan for 120 days or Google will charge your credit card $350. Read the terms and conditions.

    If you are an existing T-Mobile customer your options are to purchase the device unsubsidized or pay a reduced price with their specific plan. Again, read the terms and conditions page.

  58. I don’t get it. Why are people considering the $80/month contracts? The difference in price is $350 for the phone, but you can get the same service for $60/month without a contract, so over 2 years, you save $480, or $130 net. What’s more, you aren’t on contract and if T-Mobile and AT&T get into some kind of price war, you can just go with the cheapest option (more savings) without worrying about termination fees.

  59. @jo (#52) – the answer is yes for non-USA people. If I ordered the Nexus One right now, I could move the SIM card in my Hero over to it, and use it on my current phone and data plan.

    For USA, I think if you already have T-mobile data plan which you wish to continue on, you should be able to just switch your SIM card over to the new phone, and it should work. I say “should”, because I don’t live in the USA and have no idea what sort of terms you may have agreed to in your data plan. DOes it say you can only use the data on the original phone that came with the plan? Best is to check with T-mobile.

  60. @Davis your existing plan will most likely work perfectly with the Nexus One assuming you are buying the unsubsidized device. I say most likely because I don’t work for any of these companies, but understand the technology and the system.

  61. Simply put: If you already have a plan with T-Mobile (ANY plan) all you have to do is purchase the phone from Google and insert your SIM card. That’s it. Period.

    As far as actual cost of ownership goes…lets all take a deep breath and check out:


    Not so bad….

  62. Just to clarify my answer in #56. I’m talking about buying an unsubsidized Nexus1.

  63. i’ll tell you, for existing tmo customers, sounds like a bitch-storm. for me, coming onto tmo from ATT, it’s been smooth. unlocked N1 with even more + (500 min) plan is perfect. for those who complain about the number of minutes…damn, for someone reading a phone tech blog you should know better by now how to avoid that problem.

  64. oh hai Phandroid on NY Times: http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/01/05/googles-nexus-one-a-roundup-of-coverage/

    thanks for the reliable Nexus One coverage

  65. I almost hate to say it(J.K), but I agree with “Coolmandingo”. How many times in the past year, for those of you that follow this industry, have you read stories about the carriers loosing subscribers? The reason they loose subscribers is because the carriers care more about new subs then the existing ones. Now I know how the industry works, but it would seem to me that you would want to treat your loyal, paying customers like you value them. By that mean if you can’t give them a BETTER deal then you are offering to a new customer, then at LEAST give them the same deal. But then again what do I know. I have only been in business for about 20 years and have most all of my original customers that have not died or moved away. On top of that every year I get all of the new customers need and my advertising budget is $0.00. (free business cards from Vista Print)Word-of-mouth is free and is the best advertising you can get. Conversely, if you have a disgruntled irate, pissed-off customer word-of-mouth can KILL your business. Good luck T-MO!

  66. sure hope you don’t design the cards yourself and your company doesn’t have the word lose in it!

  67. Can anyone confirm that you can’t insure the phone through T-Mobile?

  68. Wow i can’t believe Tmobile fucks their customers, i thought Att was bad…………………………..

  69. Consider something before you buy from their online store. Click through the links and see if you can find any way to contact Google directly if you receive a faulty phone and need direct support or RTM?

  70. @jo and mrbill thanks.
    @ phoenix what are you talking about. All I’m saying is that why treat me a 7 year customer like someone that doesn even want the serivce. Its obvious I want to continue my business with tmobile.I’m pissed because the last upgrade I got was for the g1 when it first came out. Why would you allow google to dictate to me that I havet to pay $529 like someone that doesn’t have a phone and doesn’t care about staying with tmobile.I have 1000 minutes unl nits and wknds,tmo to tmo and unl data. I use about 800 minutes a month. So its a set up by tmobile for people like me knowing got damn well I’m going to go over the 500 minutes. I’m also to make sure but I heard that if you changed from this plan that their offering theirs some charge for changeing the plan. Phoenix I understand its business but without loyal consumers what do you have??also phoenix I’m also changeing because the last few offerings like the mytouch,cliq and behold are wack. If I’m going to make an upgrade I want an upgraded phone. Why would I purchase a mytouch if its pretty much the same device minus the keyboard a few more minor tweaks.why am I being called a moron if I I feel sized(dissed) by tmobile and google. I’m sorry but I guess I have to pass on this one.I’m sorry phoenix for not being a real idiot paying $529 for a phone when I know I can’t.its not that serious. I will have to wait for the next phone to come along like se xperia x10 which in my eyes is waaaaaaaay better but I guess I have to wait for this one.phoenix I gurantee you tmobile will lose more than they gain on this one.I know its all google inconjunction with tmobiles service but still. Since you a baller phoenix and I’m the haitan moron let me hold $529 to get the phone. Since its just so simple and esy to come up with the money.who else feels efffed on this deal. I have a great plan that fits me now you want me to drop to a lesser plan and end up paying more for overages. I will pass. MAJOR EPIC FAIL tmobile and google.

  71. @phoenix
    why do you have a consistent habit of picking on haitian morons? why can’t you pick on morons of other ethnicities?

  72. Still a long way ahead to call it an iPhone killer. It’s not the hardware, it’s the marketing machine that counts!

  73. The media response is horrible… F-in’ BBC called it an iPhone clone. What the hell? Why people don’t see obvious differences?

  74. Google is moving down in the stack to challenge B2C opponents with an open architecture and new sets of standards. In creating a post-revenue business model, Google can only manage success if consumers accept a co-branding and outsourced manufactured device … NQ Logic recommends reading about the rest of the new Google’s mobile strategy at http://www.nqlogic.com

  75. Personally I’m very impressed with the details on this device. I ordered one (at 4:18 EST) but still no shipping confirmation, and nothing to indicate on my Google Checkout account that it shipped yet either.

    Soooo…has anyone gotten a confirmation? I’m semi-hopeful there is simply a lag between their fulfillment system and the website, and it wil just arrive at my door today.

  76. Google will lose thousands of sales for the N1 by not letting current tmobile customers buy the phone as an upgrade for $179.00… Even if they charged a few more dollars as an upgrade (if applicable) for $250.00. Tmo wants me to spend more money for less minutes (now have 1500 plus my favs verses a 500 minute plan with NO my favs)..

    I should have just followed my gut last week and not renewed my tmo account… I should have bought a refurbed iphone at att for $149.99… that plan was 1400 minutes with roll over and “a list” feature…

    Tmobile says the rip off plan is Google’s decision… I can’t believe that tmobile did not have a say when in negotiations with Google.

    I hope Tmobile loses an awful amount of pissed off customers like me.

  77. In the article, it says “Motorola is going to try and update the Droid to Android 2.1 – or as much of it as they can and this should happen relatively soon!”

    What does “or as much of it as they can” mean? Are there fundamental capabilities of the Nexus One that the Droid doesn’t have?

  78. Looking forward to my phone one of these days. My bank BB&T has flagged Google checkout as a fraud and no matter how many times I have talked to them, they just deny the payment.

    Anyone else having problems like this?

  79. Does anyone know if the “5 home screens” is a new addition to Android 2.1 or if it is something HTC did on their own?? In other words, will all the stock Android phones that are going to upgrade to 2.1 gonna get 5 screens now instead of just 3?

  80. few questions – ive ordered one but probably wont get it for a couple of weeks what with being in the UK and also getting it engraved.

    does it have an oleophobic coating like the hero did?? that was one of my favourite features of the Hero – a couple of wipes with your jumper and it looked brand new!

    i think i remember reading the trackball lights up in more than one colour – is this true?

    also is it teflon coated like the white Hero was?

  81. Sorry i realize this news fits under this topic more…

    WIND: Nexus One Works in Canada, We’re in Talks with Google
    WIND is one of Canada’s new cell phone companys…

  82. sign this petition if you don’t like the way google and tmobile screwed existing customers. http://www.petitiononline.com/nexusone/petition-sign.html

  83. Has anyone else heard that T-mobile might sell the N1 officially in stores later this year? I heard around March.

  84. I have just ordered the nexus which was build in cooperation with samsung. I also was using the old nexus http://www.umtsflatratevergleich.de/iphone-killer-google-nexus-one-umts-handy-offiziell-vorgestellt/ but the new one seems to be way better :-) Let’s become totally googleized

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