Notion Ink Adam With Android Coming June

The render of Notion Ink’s upcoming Android Tablet looked pretty stunning and now we’re learning more details such as the name (Adam), launch date (June 2010), and price ($321):

Rendered Image

Rendered Image

Something tells me that “Adam” name won’t stick… but lets hope the June launch date does. The tablet was designed by a company called Notion Ink, founded by 7 Indians who explain the device like so:

“It is a ‘smartpad,’ small enough to be carried anywhere and big enough to do anything.”

Nice try at summing it up, but I’m pretty sure that’s an exaggeration. If you disagree, feel free to try and carry it through any of your body’s orifices and let me know how that goes.

Back to reality: the Adam is 770 grams and .6 inch thick (whoa!) with a 10.1-inch screen. Some more details about the internals and features:

Squeezed into Adam are water, ambient light and proximity sensors, accelerometer, assisted GPS, digital compass, built-in speakers and microphone. However, it will be loaded only with Flash memory (16 or 32 GB) augmented by Secure Digital (SD) card support.

It will have three interfaces: the touch screen, an on-screen virtual keyboard and a track pad located behind the screen, allowing users to manoeuvre the cursor from the front or the rear. A rotatable three megapixel camera at the top can effortlessly take pictures or videos within a 180 degree angle.

The Notion Ink Adam should be on display at CES so cross your fingers that they’ll allow demos… because if so, we’ll be there to test it out.

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  • Jerry

    They Should make a smartphone with that design… HTC pay close attention …

  • Mensahwatts

    It does look really cool…lol and a smart phone with that design would look cool indeedy

  • Chris

    I had the first ADAM… it was made by ColecoVision ;)

  • Eric

    Looks like a skateboard to me.

  • ari-free

    “Nice try at summing it up, but I’m pretty sure that’s an exaggeration. If you disagree, feel free to try and carry it through any of your body’s orifices and let me know how that goes.”

    ok that was lame

  • chewtoy

    Finally, a 180-degree rotating camera! It’s about damn time.

    I seriously wish the FCC would make it a new rule that every phone released from now on both front and rear-facing cameras, or a rotating camera.

    Bring on the age of video calling!!!

  • Tony

    Price $321 , sure,and I see little pink unicorns at the zoo. Just look at something like the archos 5 android, much smaller device from a much larger established device manufacturer and more limited and it goes for $400+ , so its very doubtful a larger more feature rich tablet well see it for less. I say double the price and then you have a better ballpark.

  • finndo

    as for the price, Tony, I am sure it is a difference on how much profit is being made by the company. the smaller the company, the less overhead, the less overhead the more you can make by selling at a lower price.

    personal example…
    about 8 years ago I was involved with setting up a new magazine (never happend, the owner’s wife had a full 50% ownership and did not want to do it because it required a loan attached to her SSN of $80k, anyways…). with a staff of 4 full time, 3 writers and the 4th as an editor, plus 6-8 part time writers, who’s articles were edited by all 4 the full timers, it was possible (we had everything set up, from the printer to the distribution company and even the advertisers were ready to go) for us to make a 6 issue per year magazine at 120-180 pages per issue, where the total cost per issue was 200% covered by the advertisements for a 2-4 million issue print run. on top of that the distributer would have paid $2 per issue to us. you do the math on that for 6 issues per year for a magazine run out of a house that we (3 of the 4) rented for $850 per month.