Google Trademarks “Nexus One” Name


This could be the most decisive evidence yet that the “Nexus One” is indeed the Google Phone. Despite my own suspicions and the suspicions of other experts, the evidence continues to mount. The latest? Google has filed for and received the trademark rights for the name “Nexus One”.

Go ahead… visit and do an advanced search for “Nexus One” and you’ll get the following:


Let the conspiracy theories continue from all sides of the issue, but if the HTC Passion is the Nexus One and the Nexus One is what Google Employees were given over the weekend AND Google just trademarked the name “Nexus One” – what does that say? HTC wouldn’t have Google trademarking a name for a phone THEY release.

Crazy, right?


[Thanks Amit]

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  1. Could Nexus One be a phone branding. Perhaps Google might designate certain phones that meet certain criteria as Nexus One phones.

    Or could Nexus One be the name for Android 2.1?

  2. What I don’t understand is why this is called the “Google Phone”? This phone doesn’t really stand out above the other android handsets and future android handsets. Anyone have any idea????

  3. two things that makes it stand out.
    It is being sold rooted
    It is being sold by google on their on website

  4. Edit for the above comment:
    It is supposed to be […]on their own website.

  5. There’s a slight problem: the name is already taken:

  6. YES!!!

    OK now I’m %99 sure that the G Phone is on the way. I signed a two year with T-Mo for mytouch and overall I’m very happy with the phone but G-Phone on the other hand with VOIP is another story.

    I’m willing to pay the penalty and get the Nexus with no contract.

  7. Nice one Rob!

  8. Things to consider:

    1. Google didn’t trademark the names Google Dream (ADP1/G1) and Google Ion (ADP2/MyTouch3G) — at least, I couldn’t find the filings.

    2. If this is a T-Mobile phone, T-Mo and HTC won’t be able to call it the Nexus One without Google’s permission now. In other words, that won’t be the name used at launch.

  9. Man…they should have just gone all out and put a front camera as well for video conference/calls.

  10. Man…they should have just gone all out and put a front camera. Kind of have a feeling that the next iPhone will have this.

  11. Is this any different then Verizon calling the Sholes the Droid (licensed from Starwars) here in the US?

  12. Well. Going back to an older post (like couple of days) I still wanted to confirm the bands on the phone. And if they are correct, you should be able to run the 3G on both AT&T and T-Mobile. However there is a lack of 2100 band which eliminates the 3G in Europe.

    Correct me if I’m wrong. T-mobile may be offering the phone, but if you are an AT&T customer like myself, we should still be able to use the 3G. And there was one of the google employees that ran it on AT&T’s 3G network.

  13. wow government websites are so hard to use, I gave up after 5 mins. guess what search engine they use? BING!! EPIC FAIL

  14. Just FYI – you don’t “patent” a “trademark.”

  15. hmm I would think the last thing AT&T/Apple wants is for their users to use even more bandwidth

  16. This is the game changer. This is where Google puts their advertisement budget not only behind a phone, but behind a new advertising model:

    Give a leading-edge smartphone away for *cost*, and get a guaranteed return of people using your core services and seeing your advertisements.

    Where else can a company get that kind of guaranteed return? Car companies, or those guys buying Superbowl commercials are only *hoping* that their television spots result in some kind of revenue. With this model, Google has an almost iron-clad guarantee of more revenue, by getting more of their phones to more people who’ll use more of their services.

    Wasn’t the iPhone supposed to cost Apple around $180? Let’s say this HTC phone is the same, and Google sells it for $199 unlocked. They (roughly) break even on the phone, and get more people hooked into their apps.

    Why wouldn’t they do it??

  17. Isn’t Tmo doing a major overhaul to their network? Something about 3.6 and something about kick ass?

  18. If this really is the google phone then what can I say, Google? Good luck!

  19. @Peter
    I think they are. They just put a tower in a rural area in Utah where my in-laws live which would be second place I would use my phone a lot. So when I go over to T-Mobile things will be great. :)

  20. Google even claimed the domain names for The Netherlands (EU) to and to, so we can expect something!!!
    However, in my opinion the biggest news is “Free WiFi”.

  21. Trademark !=patent

  22. YES, i know it … c’mon skeptics where are you now??? :)

    i just HOPE that this comes to the UK.

  23. I’m waiting for the nexus 6 bladerunner fans across the world will go for that.

  24. This is something I’ve been following with quite a bit of interest.

    I think everyone is wrong talking about a ‘THE’ Google Phone, there is no singular Google Phone, I think Google may just take the Google branding a phase further, introduce phones that run flat out Android, BUT we can all update as and when we want, Google maintains the versions for the phones, IMO a much better option than the mess that is currently happening with every phone running different versions of Android with different flavours of Android.

    That being said I’m dubious about this being released in the UK. If this phone is going to be a big push towards Google Voice use, then Europe is in a little bit of a spot of bother as Google hasn’t released. I know Google employees have Google Voice in Europe, which I think is Google footing the bill as UK networks cost more in Europe than USA and hence they haven’t found a way to release over here. (WARNING: I am a bit out of my depth with Google Voice, these are ramblings of just little things I read about and could be very wrong)

    My 2 cents anyway.

  25. I cant believe they are actually using this crappy name!

  26. I would love it if this was Google having a bit of a laugh. Just stirring things up with the conspiracy theorists.
    “Everyone is calling it the ‘Nexus One’. Let’s copyright it”

    On the other hand, I want this phone. I made a sex wee twice from reading these posts.

  27. @swehes

    the FCC leak shows UMTS bands I, IV and VIII – 2100, 1700 and 900. those are Tmobile USA 3G frequencies and European frequencies.

  28. i fail to see how this is any different than google marketing something like the android dev phone 1… evidence for what? google marketing the android dev phone 3 a little differently? despite your own opinion? really, or is it simply despite the garbage hype you’re trying whip up out of thin air.

  29. not crazy about the name Nexus One (sounds like some alien from star trek) but it does sound like something google would come up with, not HTC

  30. As long as they get better falesafes before they go to the Nexus-6 models than Tyrell’s. I hate having to dispatch rogue replicants.

  31. I agree with swehes, I thought the Google Phone was going to establish itself as the next golden standard of a smart phone, a head above the rest. While I do think the Nexus One is cool, and I’ll probably get it (assuming the price point is true), this phone is definitely NOT a head above the rest. Sure it’s high end right now, but, compared to the Droid, it’s not a no brainer purchase. The Droid has some features preferable to the Nexus One. What the heck Google? I wanted a crazy phone that would blow everybody out of the water! Unless the Nexus One really isn’t the Google Phone . . .

  32. I think the Nexus One may be strongly, but quietly tied to T-Mobile’s project dark. New, no-contract data plans, available without minute plans, new, unlocked phone from Google that apparently has only T-mobile bands. Not much of a game changer unless you put these together and get an unlocked phone with VoIP via a data plan on T-Mobile with no contract. Just a scenario, but I think it is a possibility that Google and T-Mobile worked this out together a while back.

  33. @ari-free

    As others have mentioned Nexus One is a reference to BladeRunner, and not Star Trek.

  34. google’s not a hardware company…they just want a good enough phone at a low price so that everyone has android

  35. Clearly, Google is not MAKING the phone. But a lot of the evidence is there that points to this having been planned, for some time, by both T-Mobile and Google. Project Dark, Google Voice, Gizmo5, exclusive T-Mobile USA bands, RAPID expansion and upgrade of the T-Mobile data network, etc. Otherwise, why all the secrecy surrounding this particular device? I am not saying I’m right, I am just putting the pieces together and explaining what seems likely to me.

  36. I’m just really skeptical that t-mobile can really provide the network to pull this off.

  37. Fair enough. Shouldn’t be too long now before we find out what the real deal is.

  38. ‘Twas the night before neXus, when all through the house

    Not a gadget was stirring, not even a mouse;

    The cords were plugged in the outlet with care,

    In hopes that neXus ONE soon would be there;

    The iPhones were nestled all snug in their beds,

    While visions of apple-cores danced in their heads;

  39. geeky as it may be, I’m trying to write a Twas the night before neXus. So far, that’s all I have.

  40. “Welcome to the island of misfit toys.” :)

  41. Maybe everyone’s seen this (ala Gizmodo) but maybe one or two have not:

    That’s a placeholder page in Google help. Note the extension.

    Hmm. I wonder what they plan to use this page for?

  42. @Alex: That’s genius! LOL.

  43. From what i this phone looks like the passion/bravo so I figure the specs for this phone to be the same. For this phone to be up iphone, droid, palm pre, and even motor cliq it need to add better. social networking then all these phones, better syncing, a better web browser, and the one thing no other really has yet and thats flash player. If it can do all that I would have no problem switching to this phone( no matter what the price range. Hope it really is 200 though)

  44. @ari-free

    Interesting. So the phone support page is meaningless, as you can just type in any extension and get a placeholder.

    Thanks for pointing this out, ari-free. I wonder if Gizmodo figured this out!

  45. archie: all that stuff is software that can be for any android phone.

  46. Gizmodo fans like to play with pretty toys but I don’t think they are strong in the critical analysis department.

  47. The support/phone page is not a support/placeholder. Yet “in the packaging there’s a quick start guide which points users to a “questions” page at” (Source: Engadget)

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