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Calling the entry of the Android OS in the mobile market “disrupting” is probably an understatement but its presence on the other devices – netbooks, smartbooks, photo frames, household appliances, etc – has been slow going. Not surprising considering it was made for mobile phones, afterall it IS the Open HANDSET Alliance. But the recognition of Android’s capabilities on a diverse set of hardware is being recognized and with today’s announcement by ARM, 35+ companies are looking to lead that innovative growth.


As sort of an extension to the OHA, Arm announced the Solution Center for Android which the company’s VP Segment Marketing explains as a solution for device manufacturers:

“ARM is the leading processor architecture for internet everywhere applications from mobile to the connected home and with that leadership, ARM is in a position to foster an innovative ecosystem to ensure that device manufacturers have the best development solutions at their disposal. The Solution Center for Android serves as a one-stop guide to provide developers with the tools and information they need to create innovative devices with applications that satisfy consumers’ needs.”

You probably won’t hear much about this newly formed organization in the same manner we hardly ever hear about the OHA itself. But make no doubt about it, this group will likely mean a broader set of compelling market-ready devices will come quicker – and with better integration and more features.

Here are the 38 participating partners found in the Press Release:

  • Acrodea
  • America Megatrends
  • Archos
  • ARM
  • Atelier
  • Beijing Farsight
  • CoWare
  • Datalight
  • Discretix Technologies
  • Embedded Artists AB
  • Enea
  • Haansoft
  • Incube Solutions
  • Ingenient Technologies
  • Intrinsyc Software
  • iWave Systems
  • Lauterbach
  • LSF Design
  • Mapusoft
  • Mentor Graphics
  • Mistrial Solution
  • Montavista
  • Movial
  • Open Kernel Labs
  • Pathpartnertech
  • QSound
  • Symsource
  • SQLStar
  • Tata Elxsi
  • Texas Instruments
  • Thundersoft
  • Vayavya Labs
  • Viosoft
  • VirtualLogix
  • VisualOn
  • Wipro
  • Zii Labs

This sounds all good to me – except that robot picture above looks…. kind of… not right-  to me. Minor detail, I know. But all-in-all this is pretty great news for the platform as a whole.

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  1. LOL!!! Yes the robot’s “lightsabre” is certainly happy about this new plan.

  2. that looks like an android carrying a tray full of binary. pervs abound.

  3. Its a Android butler. Killer cuff links

  4. i got my sprint hero for $99 today. woot

  5. reminds me of return of the jedi with r2 on the sand barge serving drinks.

  6. Most of the India companies in that list are a piece of crap. Yes, I’m an India and I have worked with some contractors from some of those companies.

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