LG Etna Shows Face, Picture, Vodafone-bound (UPDATE)

The Android world is set to have an insane holiday season but LG Electronics has been somewhat missing in action from these discussions. Not any longer – at the IFA Trade Fair the folks at German website Chip Online (translated to English) spotted the company’s first Android Phone – named LG Etna – at the Vodafone booth.


Very few details were shared about the device but we’re told its a 3-inch screen, 5MP camera and has Bluetooth and USB. Obviously you can tell the form factor is touchscreen with Full QWERTY slideout and the keyboard itself looks nice and spacious. I’m a little curious about the front – it appears there is a DPad but I don’t see any hardware buttons so that should be an interesting development.

Here is the original article translated to English:

LG Etna: Vodafone shows Android phone

Mobile phone maker LG Electronics will introduce in the near future appears to be his first Google Android phone, called Etna.

At the IFA trade fair stand of Vodafone, our editors will spot the Android phone from LG was first to inspect. The Etna has next to the Google Android operating system, a 3-inch touchscreen and a sliding QWERTY keyboard. For further equipment details include a 5-megapixel camera and Bluetooth wireless and a USB interface.

Will be when and at what price to have the phone on Vodafone, currently is not fixed yet. (sg)

More details on the LG Etna as we get them!

UPDATE: Remember back in February when we first heard about a phone called the LG Etna – an affordable texting phone with a touchscreen and slideout QWERTY? We did… although Android was never mentioned. Interestingly enough, the video showing off the LG Etna has been removed by its user… hmmmm. It was originally headed to AT&T when discussed in February and it was officially announced and made available as the LG Neon (GD365). So is this LG Etna really the LG Neon 2? Pardon me, but speculating is so much fun!

[Thanks Dominik!]

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  • a

    Maybe other keys are touch like Chocolate

  • HereAndNow

    I suspect, a lot of QWERTY keyboard fans are going to be happy to see this hit the market.

  • Rudy

    Is there a possibility that this is the same phone as the LG eve that you have listed in the rumored phones section?
    I am so looking forward to this device! I guess i am going to buy.

  • http://www.quantumrand.net QuantumRand

    We all know AT&T isn’t ever going to carry an Android phone (at least not one worth getting)…I really do hate my carrier.

  • bandi87

    I wonder what the hardware specs are…and whether this pic is really old, because as I see it’s not with cupcake(check out the search widget)…

  • Herbert

    It seems LG is frequently re-using the name “Etna”.
    As you say, the KD365/KS360 was called Etna.
    The GW520 was also called Etna.
    The KW300 is Etna2.
    Perhaps that picture is of the GW620, which will be an Android device released soon, but its currently going under the name of “Eve”.

  • K

    Hmm, possibly one of the VZ android phones?

  • heavyduty

    Does it have a front facing camera for video calls? It looks like it.

    Does Android even have support for video calls?

  • Rudy

    here is another article about it:

    they say, that lg is going to adapt their s-class ui to the phone. so it is not going to be a google experience phone

  • Dennis

    That is weird.. I thought that the physical keys were a requirement.. At a minimum I would prefer physical keys for talk, and stop (power).. what’s the option if an app crashes terribly ?.. removing the battery ?

  • Maj

    i never had my g1 crashes like that, i had such issue very few times with my 1st gen iphone but never with the iphone

  • http://www.nieuwemobiel.nl/ NieuweMobiel

    The GT365 “ETNA” is not the same phone as this Etna Android. According to the User Agent Profile of LG that is: http://gsm.lge.com/html/gsm/LG-GT365.xml

  • http://www.publicworkscomics.com rem06513

    Looks cool. I can’t wait to try it out.

  • dsh

    A five-row keyboard! It’s about time someone made another keyboard that wasn’t lame.

  • Erin iz the best!

    I cna’t wait till I can buy this phone! It looks supercool!

  • Erin iz the best!

    What colours does it come in?

  • Erin iz the best!

    I wanna get a blue one or a purle one!

  • Erin iz the best!

    Sorry bout da last time! I wanna blue or purple one!

  • Erin iz the best!

    Blah Blah Blah!

  • Erin iz the best!

    Cannot wait to have this phone! I want it nowwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  • Erin iz the best!

    This is a great phone!

  • Erin iz the best!

    OMG HI!