T-Mobile Morrison Passes FCC

With the Motorola Android Event less than 2 weeks away, chances are the mysterious Motorola device that just passed through the FCC with T-Mobile bands, 3G, Wi-Fi and other distinguishable similarities is the T-Mobile destined Motorola Morrison!


If the phone making the rounds really is the Morrison, it comes with Model number T56KV1. We’re pretty sure this thing will be officially announced on September 10th and as of now the rumored launch date is October 21st. The timing seems spot on and we hope the rest is clockwork.

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  • Shane

    This for some reason does not excite me.

  • Crypto

    Why don’t you guess that the Sholes has passed the FCC. Why do you guess that it is the Morrison for the second time around?

  • Malcolm

    I am excited but I have another 1.5 years left on my G1 contract.

  • http://tmotoday.com/blogs/tmobile-craver TCraver

    @Crypto Rob says this because it has tmobile’s 3g bands not verizons i.e. tmobiles bandwidth WCDMA1700

  • TCraver

    @Crypto Rob says this because it has tmobile‚Äôs 3g bands not Verizon’s i.e. tmobiles bandwidth WCDMA1700

  • Will

    I don’t quite understand the Motorola Morrison. It’s incredibly ugly. I guess it is supposed to be targeted at teens? I don’t think your average teenager would be caught dead with such a blue plasticky phone. Maybe it’d work if it were incredibly cheap, but it seems any cheapness would be offset by expensive data plans.

  • http://www.androidal.pl androidal

    Motorola Morrison Passes FCC as a Cliq…

  • glyco

    i sursly doubt the morrison will come out as that fugly blue piece….but i’ve been wrong before. there is just no way i’m going to switch from at&t to verizon. tmo works well enough in the bay area, i’m taking the next slider offered on tmo *unless sholes can be bought unlocked and GSM (doubt it thought)

  • Crypto

    If you compare the image of the phone below, you will see that it has the exact same buttons and layout as the Morrison:


    Except that it looks rather slick, not teenager, not plasticky, not blue, not fugly !

    So it is called the CLIQ and it looks like an upgraded G1. It probably also runs the new BLUR UI.

    I can’t wait for September 10th.