1 Million HTC Magics Have Been Sold

The Android Revolution keeps on picking up steam, much of it courtesy to an HTC-fueled injection of hot hardware. At an event launching the HTC Hero in Taiwan, company CEO Peter Chou announced that sales of the HTC Magic have surpassed 1 Million units! That is quite a feat for any mobile phone and considering the Android Powered Magic has only been available since the end of April, impressive is a good descriptor.


Chou also revealed that HTC will focus on mid-range smartphone costing around USD $300 the latter half of 2009, presumably before contract/rebates, noting that 50% to 60% of shipments in the 2nd half of the year will fit into this category. HTC Click anyone?

And just to add a drip of jealous delicacy, Taiwanese Phandroids who grab the HTC Hero with a 2-year contract with a monthly plan of $53 USD will get the device for free. Color me envious.

[Via Digitimes]

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  • Phil

    Interesting. With that many selling so soon I can only imagine what the sales for the Hero will be like along with the Galaxy. Anyone nay saying at this point should be committed to the nearest crazy house.

  • vitriolix


    Huge news… if the other 10-20 handsets that come out this year even sell a fraction of that, its going to be a HUGE year for android.