1 Million HTC Magics Have Been Sold


The Android Revolution keeps on picking up steam, much of it courtesy to an HTC-fueled injection of hot hardware. At an event launching the HTC Hero in Taiwan, company CEO Peter Chou announced that sales of the HTC Magic have surpassed 1 Million units! That is quite a feat for any mobile phone and considering the Android Powered Magic has only been available since the end of April, impressive is a good descriptor.


Chou also revealed that HTC will focus on mid-range smartphone costing around USD $300 the latter half of 2009, presumably before contract/rebates, noting that 50% to 60% of shipments in the 2nd half of the year will fit into this category. HTC Click anyone?

And just to add a drip of jealous delicacy, Taiwanese Phandroids who grab the HTC Hero with a 2-year contract with a monthly plan of $53 USD will get the device for free. Color me envious.

[Via Digitimes]

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  1. Interesting. With that many selling so soon I can only imagine what the sales for the Hero will be like along with the Galaxy. Anyone nay saying at this point should be committed to the nearest crazy house.

  2. http://digg.com/gadgets/HTC_Magic_myTouch_3G_Android_phone_sells_over_one_million

    Huge news… if the other 10-20 handsets that come out this year even sell a fraction of that, its going to be a HUGE year for android.

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