Nimbuzz Application For Android Launches!


nimbuzz-on-android-g2If you’re not satisfied with the default chat and instant messaging options in Android or 3rd party solutions on the market, you might be happy to know that Nimbuzz is now available on the Android Market. The application serves as an all-in-one Skype, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, AIM, studiVZ, GoogleTalk, Facebook, MySpace, Jabber client and many more.

The folks at Nimbuzz told us that the Android version has some sophisticated features which they further explain in their press release / blog announcement:

The smart buddy list layout displays information in an intelligent way, combining avatar and presence information in one, with community icon and resource information (if your buddy is online on the mobile or PC) in the same line.

The time sensitive UI is a favorite :D .  It  detects how long you press on a buddy’s name. A light touch opens their profile and a stronger touch instantly starts a new chat!

Home-screen notifications alert you on the home screen of activities such as incoming chats while Nimbuzz continues to run in the background.

Clickable URLs make for a multimedia rich chat experience so you can share YouTube videos and Wikipedia information during your chat. A browser window will open from which you can seamlessly switch back and forth to Nimbuzz.

Auto reconnect is also very useful!  For example,  I often leave Nimbuzz running in the background while connected to a Wi-Fi network and before I know it I’m out of range and offline to all my friends. To prevent this, Nimbuzz detects whenever you are out of range, and if there isn’t a known Wi-Fi network available it connects you via 3G, and vice versa.

Unique to Android users is the fact that only Nimbuzz integrates Skype IM and local social networks such as Hyves in the Netherlands, StudiVZ from Germany, Gadu-Gadu from Poland, and Giovani from Italy – we didn’t forget you guys!

Check out the video they provided demonstrating the app:

In addition to downloading Nimbuzz via Android Market, you can also download directly from the Nimbuzz website. Give it a whirl and let us know what you think. Will it become your default chat app? Do you find an alternative much better?By the way, the company has also said via their twitter account that they do NOT offer VoIP with this version and that it is “an Android issue” but that they will solve the problem soon!


We can only hope…

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  1. Is their any SMS fee? Some apps have data sent through network like Hi MSN Beta.

  2. I still want Beejive for Android, tho. Their proxy server for connections made it pretty handy. So you don’t need to run the client 24/7 to stay connected 24/7.

  3. Nimbuzz is cool. Works better than eBuddy. I can actually chat this time. Could do with UI changes. Like I don’t want my entire FB contacts to know I’m online. Or even add then all. But its a good start.

  4. I was gonna give it a go, but then read it was a big resources hog.

    Anyone found that?

    For now I’ll stick with meebo which has been fine so far.

  5. Nimbuzz finally release their client for Android devices now users will enjoy Nimbuzz IM service on android devices. Vopium and Truphone has also released their clients for Android devices for cheap Wifi calls.

  6. It is the best IM client so far!

  7. Has anyone tried making a Skype call from this app? I am wondering how the quality of the call. If it works as stated, I predict it to be very useful. As of right now, I there are a couple issues I have with Skype Lite. This could be the answer to my problems.

  8. Calls on Skype wont work yet as they havent got VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) yet. Once they have that…you can make Skype calls…I for one cant wait!

  9. I have installed nimbuzz on an android 1.5 firmware
    I am only able to chat and when i try calling other person cant hear the voice clearly..we cant talk..same feedback when i call gtalk and skype contacts ….is this a problem in the s/w or phone

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