Dell mini3i OPhone Heading To China Mobile

We all know that the OPhone is China Mobile’s brand name for their Android-based Open Mobile System line of phones. We also knew that Dell has been working on an Android Phone since the dawn of mankind and that yesterday a Dell phone was rumored to be announced somtime this week – most likely sporting Android. Introducing the Dell mini3i OPhone headed to China Mobile sometime in the near future.


Dell’s OPhone will utilize the TD-SCDMA 3G Network, a technology that is exclusive to China Mobile. While some manufacturers might shy away from creating a phone with this technology, China Mobile is the world’s largest mobile carrier and therefore has some pull in the matter.

China Mobile’s MobileMarket further confirms the Mini3i name as you can see in the below screenshot of the market’s website – click to enlarge… (from MobileCrunch):


We’re still awaiting Official word from both Dell and China Mobile, but you can be pretty darn sure that something will come down the pipe this week or shortly thereafter.

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    Достаточно короткий обзор. Хотелось бы знать больше про данный телефон.

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    Крутой телефон. А когда будет в продаже?