Geeks Phone One: Bootup Video

It won’t get that much publicity and it probably won’t sell too many units, but the Geeks Phone One is a valiant Android effort from a smaller company nonetheless. With plans to launch this Fall, the company has showed they are on the ball and their latest blog post shows they seem to be on pace:

Yeah, its just a video of the phone booting up, but it is progress nonetheless. Our biggest suggestion at this point would be to change the name from Geeks Phone One to something else… anything else.

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  • brianv3ntura

    phone makes android look hideous o.O

    smaller screen and things r bunched together.

  • Martin

    That’s really slow :D I guess (err, hope) this is pre production hardware or something. Plus: What resolution is that? It’s smaller than 480×320, isn’t it? It looks all weird.

  • jake

    Why change the name? The current population of “geeks” are proud of their geekdom and if the specs are good enough they will sell like hot-cakes just for that. What geek doesn’t want some really good no name gadget that no one knows about?

  • John

    I would like to wonder if everyone else thinks this looks like a captive screen and not a resistive like previously thought.

  • TareX

    Change the name because no true geek would be proud of this phone.

  • Geek

    The coolest feature of this Phone is out of the box Root access!
    And it has DVB-T, but thats no must have for me.
    But it definitely needs a capacitive screen and a hardware keyboard.

  • Dave

    IMHO, Geeks Phone One is the coolest name for an Android handset I’ve heard to date. Not to sure about the actual hardware, but the name is brilliant.