Google IO Starts NOW!


The first Google IO Keynote has officially started and there is sure to be TONS of Android news packing the next two days not to mention news on Chrome and every Google product you can imagine. And haven’t yet imagined.

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I wish I could be there in San Francisco but today my younger sister graduates from High School (congrats Kristina!) and I wouldn’t consider missing it. So like you, I’m trying to find the best places to follow Google IO news in my unfortunate absensce.

Live Twitter Updates:
In #AndroidForums channel on IRC (Freenode), hatiankid4lyfG1 recommended I keep the following tab open in Firefox:

It provides live updates of everything tweeted about Google IO and thus far looks like a great way to stay on top of live news. It appears to be including everything with #GoogleIO and #io2009 tags – right on.

We’ve Got Ears In The Field
While they won’t be reporting live, we’ve got fellow Phandroids in the field who will certainly be gathering info. For example Joey Sochacki – who you likely know from Android Market, Phandroid Podcasts or elsewhere – is at Google IO. MikeDG who made the Phandroid News App is on site as well – we’ll try to squeeze some info out of him.

Any Phandroid readers who are also at Google IO we would LOVE for you to drop us some info as news tips, on AndroidForums or elsewhere to keep everyone in the loop.

What Do You Think?
Over the next couple days what do you think the most significant announcement will be? Android? Chrome? Something unexpected? Incremental updates amounting to a lot? Lets hear your thoughts…

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  1. 1-i hope the talk about upcoming android phones
    2-i hope they say android market will be worldwide (hoping the galaxy will be released worldwide )
    3-explain more about android (will it have multi touch)(and will the interface resemble the htc hero interface)

  2. Nicest announcement so far at Google IO: All attendees will receive free unlocked phones. No word yet on which make and model but they did say that phones would come with a SIM card offering 30 days of free 3G access and talk time.

  3. (Posting after Google=New Oprah & ADC2 Posts)

    I still think tomorrow’s Keynote (See Google=New Oprah) will include at least one new Andriod Handset announcement and/or (less likely) USA release dates for the HTC & Samsung Handsets.

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