Kogan Getting Back On Track

Kogan’s failure to follow through with their timeline on releasing the Kogan Agora was disappointing but almost expected when put in perspective to industry norms. But the whole “indefinitely delayed” label was pure ugh. We knew that Kogan would follow up their doughnut with something else… and slowly more details are coming out.


Yesterday the web was abuzz about an article that mentioned a new Kogan Android Phone was “well into development”. I was surprised that neaerly every tech site picked up the article as “news” when nothing >new< was really mentioned. But Michael Oryl from Android Authority followed up and got some rather redeeming info.

Customers who pre-ordered the Kogan Agora and/or Agora Pro only to learn the device would never exist will be given $30 AU credit for the NEW version in appreciation of their initial vote of confidence. They’ll also get “preferential allocation” meaning when the new KogAnDroid comes out, the first batch will be going to them. Unless it gets indefinitely delayed, permanently shelved or something else partially expected of course.

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  • tenorryan

    I kinda like this news. I’m happy to hear that the Kogan might come thru. I think I’m like a lot of people out here. If there were a Kogan fan page.. (i’m guessing there might be one) I would join up and give support.

    Go Android… waiting for more phones.

  • Ron

    I hope they don’t plan to sell in Japan, since in Japanese ‚ÄĚkogan” means “testicles.” Really.

    But, I suppose if they will have to have a lot b***s to enter that market anyway…