Dual SIM Android Phone: DSTL1 From General Mobile


Introducing the General Mobile DSTL1, a Dual SIM Phone that according to GSMArena, will be Android enabled and will be presented at the Mobile World Congress in February:


First things first… we took a thorough look at General Mobile’s DSTL1 product sheet, overview and specs and didn’t see a single mention of Android. That’s not to say that it won’t be based on Android… just proceed with caution. It even lists “other features” as “Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF document view” so we’re not completely sold yet. But if it DOES have Android…

Looks pretty good, doesn’t it? I must ask after I called pics of the G2 sexy and was pummeled into the ground by commenters. Perhaps the G2 wasn’t all that and a bag of Droidritos, but the idea of another device to join the G1 is glorious enough. Do you like the looks of this better?

Along with those looks come:

  • Dual-SIM
  • 3-inch TFT touchscreen
  • WQVGA resolution
  • 5MP Camera
  • LED Flash
  • 4GB internal storage
  • 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0
  • 624MHz Marvell CPU

Look for more on this come MWC 2009 which takes place February 16th to 19th. We’ve got you covered!

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  1. same as with the G2: no keyboard = no sale

  2. Kinda looks like it could have a slideout QWERTY Keyboard, though none of the pictures show it at all. I think I’d love it either way though.

  3. It looks like the chrome rim would slide open to reveal a keyboard, but none are shown in the images. Ashame.

    Is it me or is this company not a known entity?

  4. if only it had a physical keyboard.

    Will it have USA 3G (T-Mo or AT&T, either one?)?

    Does it have a MicroSDHC slot?

    Sexy looking design, and I love that it’ll have dual SIM cards… but, no keyboard == no interest.

  5. why is hardware keyboard so important … software keyboard works as well, as youre not blind …

  6. WQVGA is not enough guys… 640×360 as minimum see the new Nokias

  7. Phone looks great, who would be the carrier I wonder.. 5mp camera sounds great as well. I like the G1’s physical keyboard though.. just spoiled with it I guess. But this phone is far more attractive.

  8. Don’t listen to those lamers saying the G2 looks like crap. It’s sleek and playful, a very close physical representation of Android itself.

    They’re just mad they were early adopters and like usual are getting screwed by more patient Android fans.

    This looks great, but I would like a company come out and actually say “This is an Android phone. It is sexy. It has these features…” instead of all these lame leaks and guessing games.

  9. I would hope it doesn’t have a keyboard.
    Phones should just stick to either having a keyboard but non touchscreen or being touchscreen without the keyboard. Phones that have both are generally ugly, bulky and fail to deliver. Take the G1 for example.

    Just looking forward to some nice touchscreen only phones that are nice and slim.

  10. Acest telefon cred ca este revolutia telefoniei.Apreciez munca celor care au ostenit penrtu aceasta creatie.Multumesc mult. Din ROMANIA ;MR.NARCIS

  11. ^ translated from Romanian =

    I think this phone is the Revolution telefoniei.Apreciez those who work done penrtu this creatie.Multumesc much. In Romania; MR.NARCIS

  12. 3G frequency would be good to know.

    I agree it looks like there should be a landscape slider keyboard.

    Dual SIMs is perfect for what I want: US sim for my carrier and a “PAYG” sim in europe.

    Soooooo…. can I get one?

    Will it cost <500?

  13. it is a chinese phone actually!!! by the double sim android phone company qoolcomm.com

  14. Bonjour, êtes vous toujours content de cet appareil ? c’est le seul smartphone DUAM SIM non ?

    Si je cherche un mobile DUAL SIM et WIFI je crois qu je n’ai pas d’autre choix ?

    Merci pour votre aide !

  15. Hi, where can I but this in Manila, Philippines?


    p.s. if you have a model with keypad pls let me know also.

  16. I think you have to make review of Dell Android for comparison

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