Android Touch Screen QWERTY: Coming Soon…

Ask any G1 owner to make a list of complaints or shortcomings of their phone’s software and almost every list would include that the lack of a Virtual, Touch Screen Qwerty Keyboard was rather annoying. They won’t have to be annoyed for THAT much longer.

In early 2009, it appears as though the Android OS will feature an update that includes a virtual keyboard. PHEW! While the PHYSICAL full Qwerty Keyboard is a huge asset of the G1 according to most, simple things like typing in your login/passwords, initialing your High Score in a game and small tasks like that always require you slide open the G1. That can be a hassle.

Its unfortunate that it will take at least 3 months to complete an update, but at least its coming, right? In the meantime, hopefully a 3rd party developer can fill in that gap. But seeing as how its already “scheduled” we’re guessing developers aren’t exactly scampering to code a solution themselves.

The onscreen QWERTY is said to include a dictionary of suggestions and a suggestion algo that will make the task of typing on screen much easier. This update can’t come soon enough!

[Via Android Roadmap, Gizmodo – Thanks Jake!]

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  • henrystamp

    hopefully those shapewriter guys will release something before then, that looks cool.

  • kidego

    That’s great news! Soon I won’t have to open this keyboard to type small responses like this one

  • marilyn

    Looks like the iPhone. Compared to the Sidekick, not so good for me.

    Unless it rotates horizontal, not so interested.

    But horizontal – cool!

  • dreimann

    Cool. I am using the g1 to type this and I can tell I would prefer not to flip open.

  • nick

    I’m with Marilyn, I prefer sliding and having a real keyboard… if I wanted a virtual one I wouldn’t have bought a G1

  • Royal1

    I must say, I honestly love the actual keyboard. I’d love an onscreen one because I don’t want to slide open the phone EVERY SINGLE TIME-

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  • Vicente

    I want it now!! :-)

  • Nicolas

    Here’s the deal. When using the G1 in a meeting at work, you look like a total doofbag opening up the phone and typing away. A keyboard is essential in hiding the fact that you’re typing.

  • Jay

    Anyone know if the update for this program came out yet???
    And if so, will they send it in an over-the-air update or do i have to download it from somewhere?

  • Felicia

    There is an application to fill in the gap until the real thing comes out called HANDCENT TRT IT OUT!!!!

  • brandon

    tried the handcent sms and although it has a portrait mode for the touch screen keyboard it isnt responsive at all. chompSMS works pretty well as a touch screen qwerty but doesnt have a horizontal mode.

  • Maria

    Do anyone know if it came out yet?