Ecorio: Android’s Green Application


Going green is a big thing these days, and when it also involves saving gas money yoiu really can’t go wrong. The judges of the Android Developer Challenge felt the same thing, awarding the 5 guys from Ecorio one of the top prizes.

The goal of ecorio is to track and reduce your carbon footprint. It calculates the pollution your transportation creates whether traveling by car or public transportation and shows youi what that means for the world. It allows you to find carpooling opportunities and varioius forms of public transportation to reduce your carbon footprint. And, it allows you to donate to existing government and non-profit projects to help offset the damage your carbon footprint has caused to mother nature.

I had the chance to chat with one of Ecorio’s founders – Jeff Kao – at T-Mobile’s NYC event where he discussed and demoed Ecorio:

A few things to note:

  • The name is pronounced EEEEECoh-REEEEE-oh. Pretty obvious when youi know what the application does but otherwise, probably a common mistake.
  • Jeff Kao gives Android a shout out to Phandroid that I’ve included at the very END of the video
  • Apparently, Jeff’s dad makes some pretty good food. HOOK IT UP!
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