Vodafone 845

Last updated: Nov 16th, 2010.

We first heard about the entry-level Vodafone 845 AKA 'Huawei Joy' in March of 2010 with some nice specs, in April more pics were leaked showing the actual device & then in May this beauty was officially announced and expected to be launched late May.


Specs include and confirm the handsets pimps with Android 2.1 , a 2.8" inch resistive touch-sensitive display,  3.2 megapixel camera and the essential specs you would expect including GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi. It's also confirmed this handset will come with some Vodafone apps pre-installed and integration with their Vodafone 360 services.

Branded for Vodafone, the 845 will actually be manufactured by Huawei as the Huawei Joy. That of course opens the door for other carriers to pick up the “Huawei Joy” or offer their own branding, but Voda may have an exclusive on this – we’ll see!

The Vodafone 845 now potentially  follows in the foot steps of T-mobile with their budget phones – the T-mobile Pulse and the Pulse Mini - also manufactured by Huawei.

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