T-Mobile G2X

Last updated: Mar 28th, 2011.

The LG Optimus 2X is the world's first dual core smartphone and it's launching in the United States as the T-Mobile G2X. Following up on the T-Mobile G1 and G2, the G2X contrasts it's predecessors in that it is a touchscreen phone without the full QWERTY keyboard... but is filled to the brim with other goodies.

In addition to a 1GHz dual core Tegra 2processor by NVIDIA, the G2X has an 8MP HD camera, 1.3 front-facing camera for video chat, 3.5mm headset jack, FM Radio, Wi-Fi, GPS, along with 4G speed capabilities. The T-Mobile G2X and its powerful processor allow you to get the most of your phone.

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T-Mobile G2x gets bug-fixing update over-the-air (for real, this time)

It seems like we can’t go a week without hearing that an update for the T-Mobile G2x has been made available and promptly pulled. After a few frustrating cycles of this happening, it appears the update is finally, truly ready to go out this time.The update was made available via an over-the-air process. Because of …

T-Mobile G2x Gingerbread OTA Update Resumes

After a not-so-smooth attempt at rolling out Android 2.3 Gingerbread for T-Mobile G2x users, experience-breaking bugs ran rampant throughout users’ phones prompting T-Mobile and LG to suspend updates. It took quite a while for them to get things ironed out, actually, as I almost forgot that the T-Mobile G2x even exists. In any case, the …

T-Mobile Android Lineup vs iPhone Offering Could Surprise Holiday Shoppers

Want an iPhone? You won’t find it at T-Mobile. You’ll find plenty at Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint, but T-Mobile is standing strong with a rock solid lineup of Android Phones, 4G coverage, and affordable voice and data plans. If you’re an Android OG you may remember that T-Mobile USA was the first carrier in the …

No Ice Cream Sandwich for LG Optimus 2X?

Will the LG Optimus 2X receive Ice Cream Sandwich? That’s the question on the mind of every owner of that phone and T-Mobile’s G2X variant. One user posted the question to LG’s Facebook page and got a not so positive response. However, since the story started gaining traction around the blogosphere it appears LG has …

T-Mobile’s G2x Gingerbread OTA Update Is Officially Over

T-Mobile announced via their their support page that the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for their LG G2x has officially rolled out and ended as of August 10th. Hopefully you didn’t miss T-Mobile’s rapture (OTA update) but if you were a naughty sinner, there still may be hope for you yet.Turns out you can still visit …

DEAL ALERT: T-Mobile Offering the LG G2X For FREE Until Thursday

T-Mobile announced a few hours ago via Twitter that they will be offering the LG G2X for FREE but only from now through Thursday. Usually the way this works is only with a 2-year contract and meaning if you’re reading this, you’re probably out of luck.Still unsure if these G2X’s will come with Android 2.3 …

T-Mobile G2x Gingerbread Rollout Starts Today

Less than 24 hours after we’ve learned T-Mobile would be putting the G2x back on store shelves post Gingerbread update, existing owners are treated to an official rollout. Along with the visual and functional changes to Android, you can look forward to the following:Great news G2x community! On July 25, T-Mobile G2x devices will begin …

T-Mobile Relaunching the LG G2X – This Time Baked With Gingerbread

Rumors of the G2X being discontinued began to circle around the Android blogosphere when the device was made unavailable from T-Mobile’s site and from retail store shelves. Normally, that is never a good sign for a device but it looks like LG may have had something better planned for the G2X in the form of …

NVIDIA Dual-Core Blowout: 5 Androids, 10 Cores, 1 Contest [PART 2]

Two cores down, eight to go. Last week we gave away the Motorola Droid X2 as part of one of our biggest contests ever and today we’re continuing the trend by offering up another top Android device to one lucky Phandroid reader. How can you win and what device are we giving away? Read on!Some …