Sony Xperia E

Last updated: Dec 5th, 2012.

Looking for an affordable smartphone? The Sony Xperia E just might be the one for you. There is no word on exact pricing, but this device will be affordable and will be released during Q1 2013. The little guy sports a 3.5-inch display, a 1 GHz processor (single core), 512 MB of RAM and Android 4.1. And if you want dual SIM compatibility you can go for the Xperia E Dual. 

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Sony experiments with Firefox OS, allows developers to join in with Xperia E [VIDEO]

We often hear of OEMs “exploring” their options and “testing” other operating systems for consideration in future products, but it’s not so often those companies invite common developers along for the ride. Sony’s different, though, and it has braced the development community quite nicely as of late. The latest opportunity from Sony is here, and …