Sony Tablet S

Last updated: Apr 11th, 2012.

When released, the Sony Tablet S didn't quite offer anything new, compared to the competition of its time. But this, along with the Tablet P, had a very interesting design. It is wedge-shaped, simulating a folded-back magazine.

This gave the tablet a much more "natural" feel when held in the hand. Aside from that, Playstation Suite also comes on on board. Specs include a Tegra 2 processor, 1 GB of RAM and Android 3.1.

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Sony Tablet S gets feature-adding upgrade in the US

Following its announcement that a handful of devices would be receiving Ice Cream Sandwich starting today, Sony has also announced a new upgrade for the Sony Tablet S. Its purpose is to bring a lot of the same features owners of the newly-available Sony Xperia Tablet S have been enjoying.Changes include new media player applications, …

Sony’s new PlayStation Mobile content coming to Xperia handheld

Sony has announced the advent of PlayStation Mobile, a new content platform where users can download gaming titles made specifically for PlayStation certified devices. Over 30 different titles from many genres will be available to start, and Sony will be giving developers the tools they need to develop and publish their own games for distribution …

Sony begins rollout of Android 4.0 for Tablet S

Sony is bringing it’s first Android tablet into the Ice Cream Sandwich age, announcing via the company’s blog that Android 4.0 is now making its way to the Tablet S. Sticking with a stock ICS experience, Sony gives us a rundown of what we can expect in the video below. The clamshell Tablet P should …

Sony cooking up a Tegra 3 tablet with Android 4.0?

According to a recently spotted NenaMark benchmark test entry, the followup to the Sony Tablet S could be in the works — and it carries a quad-core Tegra 3 processor. The device that was subject to the test was running Android 4.0.3 and featured a display with a 1280×800 resolution (the same as the Tablet …

Sony Tablet S Receives Easy 1-Click Root Method

The bounty for root on the Sony Tablet S can finally be awarded after a Dan Rosenberg (@djrbliss) has come up with a rather simple (for the end user) 1-click root method. Rooting is as easy as running a running a fully automated “run.bat” file on a Windows machine and kicking back.The Sony Tablet S …

New Sony CEO Axed 3 Separate Tablet Projects In Favor Of The Tablet S

Today, Kaz Hirai has just been announced as the new Sony CEO and in a WSJ article some fun facts were revealed about his time as executive deputy of the company. Apparently, Sony — who has long been known for creating divisions operated completely separate from one another —  had 4 of these independently operated divisions …

Sony Tablet S owned 26 percent of the Android tablet market in October

It may not garner as much attention in the press as Samsung’s constantly under fire Galaxy Tab 10.1 or the powerhouse ASUS Transformer Prime, but the Sony Tablet S quietly carved out a place for itself as a top selling Android tablet. After its September launch, Sony is reporting that the more traditional of their …

Sony Drops Tablet S Price, Now $400 for 16GB Model

After a temporary $50 price cut for the holidays, Sony has dropped the price of its Tablet S by $100 permanently. The discount brings the 16GB model to $400 and the 32GB model to $500 and may be telling of poor sales for Sony’s debut Android slate. A $400 price tag is sure to attract …