Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini

Last updated: Nov 16th, 2010.

The Xperia X10 Mini is exactly what it says on the tin - a "mini" version of the original S.E X10. We first come across this bitesize handset when pictures leaked back in January 2010, at the time it was codenamed "Robyn" but when announced at the Mobile World Congress on February 14th it was donned the "Xperia X10 Mini" and Sony Ericsson shared it is available in a large variety of colors.

Specs include a tiny 2.55" inch display, a 600 MHz processor , 5 MP camera with Auofocus and single LED flash, an FM radio and runs Android 1.6 with Sony Ericsson's customized and interactive user interface 'Timescape'. Check out the Video Tab for a run-through of the UI.

The Sony Ericsson X10 Mini is available NOW  through a number of operators now and even available from online e-tailors sim-free and unlocked with International Delivery if you don't fancy being locked in a contract!

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After promising an end of September window for the upgrade to Android 2.1 for their Xperia X10 phones, Sony Ericsson’s had to push it back yet again. This time, they say we shouldn’t expect to see the upgrade begin to roll out until late October as they need a few more weeks before it’s ready. …

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Android 2.1 Coming for X10 Phones End of September, Says Sony

Sony Ericsson’s UK Twitter account today tweeted that Android 2.1 for their Xperia X10 phones – the X10 itself, the Mini, and the keyboard-sporting Mini Pro – should all be seeing Android 2.1 right before September comes to a close. As their UK account tipped everyone off to that piece of news, we can’t confirm …

Xperia X10 Mini Wins European Mobile Phone 2010-2011

The Xperia X10 was leaked so far in advance of its launch that excitement for the device wavered when it was actually made available. That’s not to say it wasn’t and isn’t a strong offering, but these days it seems the X10 Mini is getting all the praise.The European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) recently …

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These days, it’s almost standard to see a one-click root method for a phone soon follow the “down and dirty” method that must be found before creating this sort of utility. The Xperia X10 Mini and Mini Pro have already been rooted, but if you haven’t been too confident on trying it for yourself, then …