Sony Ericsson W8

Last updated: Apr 21st, 2011.

Sony Erisson has long been rumored to be revitalizing the Walkman brand with Android at the helm, and while it may have taken nearly a year for that vision to come to fruition, it's finally here - the Sony Ericsson W8. it's not going to be a device for you powerhouse users with its 600MHz processor, 168MB of RAM, 3.2-inch display and Android 2.1, but it's sure to be a fine device for those who want a good audio player and want to identify with the Walkman brand once again.

Sony Ericsson hasn't mentioned a date for the smallish beaut, but we imagine it'll be here in time for the summer as it accompanies you on your jogs and walks on the beaches of the world.

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Android-Running Sony Ericsson W8 Walkman Phone Officially Outed

It hasn’t even been a week since it was rumored to be in the works and Sony Ericsson has gone ahead and announced it – the Sony Ericsson W8. (AKA the NEW Walkman phone.) What makes this one so new? It runs Android, of course.We’re sure they took some – nay, all of its design cues …