Samsung Infuse 4G

Last updated: Jan 5th, 2011.

AT&T introduced the world to a 4.5 inch near-beast. With a different processor here and more RAM there, this could have been their Galaxy S II. Instead, it's closer to a Galaxy S phone than anything. It has a beefier 1.2GHz single-core Hummingbird inside, though, which makes it marginally better than other Galaxy S phones.

Aside from its large Super AMOLED display, there are 16 gigabytes of storage inside, 512MB of RAM, an 8 megapixel camera with HD video recording and a lot more. It's not a bad phone to consider if you're a fan of this size. The Infuse 4G has been available since May 15th, 2011.

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Samsung Infuse 4G users, Android 2.3.6 is ready for you

Although it’s disappointing to see that it has taken so long for the Infuse 4G users to get a taste of Gingerbread, virtually half a year after the announcement of Ice Cream Sandwich, some update is better than no update, right?So, if you haven’t put a custom ROM yet, fire up Samsung Kies Mini on …

Samsung, AT&T halt Gingerbread update for Infuse 4G

There was a Gingerbread update available via Samsung Kies for the Infuse 4G, but it is no more after a few issues surfaced in the build of Android 2.3.6. It’s quite possible that Samsung knew the update wasn’t fully baked all along, as AT&T announced the software before the manufacturer of the Infuse 4G had …

Samsung Infuse 4G finally receives its update to Gingerbread

Remember when AT&T promised a Gingerbread update would reach the Samsung Infuse 4G by the end of August? It seems like a cruel joke looking back, but it appears the long-awaited software upgrade is finally ready to roll. We were tipped off to the possibility yesterday and, sure enough, AT&T has made it official as …

Samsung Infuse 4G Receives Maintenance Update, Still No Gingerbread

Though owners of the Samsung Infuse 4G are itching for the promised Android 2.3 update for their AT&T handsets, a maintenance release has been pushed to the smartphone. The 14.5MB file provides bug fixes primarily, though it likely also comes to make the necessary preparations for the move from Froyo to Gingerbread. That is supposed …

AT&T: Samsung Infuse 4G Will Receive Gingerbread Update This Month

If you are an Infuse 4G owner here in the states, you might have been a little heated when you learned that the Rogers Canada version would release with Gingerbread. Even though AT&T had announced that every Android device released this year would be updated to Gingerbread, including the Samsung Infuse 4G, no specific time …

Samsung Infuse 4G Now Available for $199.99

We’re not sure what took Samsung and AT&T so long to bring this thing out, but the wait is over – the Samsung Infuse 4G is now available for $199.99 on a two-year contract. It’s a Galaxy S phone but is perhaps the most powerful of the lot. It has a 4.5 inch Super AMOLED …

Notes on the Samsung Infuse 4G: App Sideloading on AT&T, 21Mbps Data Speeds

Although much of the attention is place on the big and beautiful 4.5-inch screen of the Samsung Infuse 4G, don’t forget the “4G” part of the name. Though AT&T has released other “4G” handsets — the Motorola Atrix and HTC Inspire — the Infuse is the first to be specced at HSDPA Category 14, making …

Official: Samsung Infuse 4G Coming to AT&T May 15th for $199

Today at a press event in New York City, Samsung and AT&T unveiled the only pieces of information missing from the Samsung Infuse 4G’s rap sheet, the pricing and launch date. If you are awed by the Infuse 4G’s 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus display and 1.2GHz CPU, you can get your hands on the new …