Samsung Galaxy S5

Last updated: Jan 13th, 2014.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is Samsung's 2014 flagship smartphone. As its name implies, it would be the 5th smartphone in the revered Samsung Galaxy S lineup.

The phone has a 5.1-inch 1920 x 1080 Super AMOLED HD display, Qualcomm's Snapdragon 801 processor, and a 16 megapixel camera sensor. The device launched in more than 125 countries worldwide on April 11th, 2014.

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iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S5 (and Android)

The iPhone 6 is finally here, and with it comes a hype that only Apple can produce. Regardless of what features they stole from Android, the iPhone 6 will undoubtedly be a huge success for Apple. In the Android World we also have a device that prints money for its maker: the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport Review

The Galaxy S5 Sport is Sprint’s new exclusive take on Samsung’s 2014 flagship device, a phone that takes everything we love (and didn’t love) about the original Galaxy S5 and wraps it in a new package with some additional fitness-oriented software. While it scores points for its solid build quality, is the Sport a better buy than the first iteration of the S5?

The Best Samsung Galaxy S5 accessories

When it comes to Android smartphones, Samsung’s Galaxy S line is about as ubiquitous as it gets. With the launch of the Galaxy S5 earlier this year, the market has become swamped with accessories and add-ons. It’s enough to make your head spin. We’ve waded through the mire to track down the best Galaxy S5 accessories out there

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Galaxy S8 vs S7 vs S6 vs S5 [CAMERA TEST]

The Galaxy S8 is going up against some tough competition this year but how does the camera perform against previous iterations of the device? The results may surprise you…

Galaxy S5 overheating? Try a leather case.

The folks at Android Forums are pretty smart. When user karashin complained about his Galaxy S5 overheating he shared with the community two solutions you may consider as well.

Samsung accidentally pushes Marshmallow to another Galaxy S5

Why don’t more companies accidentally slip major Android updates to devices which aren’t supposed to get it for quite some time? Another Samsung Galaxy S5 user is swimming in Marshmallow goodness after their device mistakenly pulled the update down.