Samsung Galaxy S Pro

Last updated: Nov 16th, 2010.

In short - the RUMOURED Samsung Galaxy S Pro is said to be the normal Samsung Galaxy S but with a full QWERTY keyboard! Read below for specs if this ever reached customers:


Let me tell you a little about this phone if it ever came to consumers! The Samsung Galaxy S and Pro specs are somewhat impressive to say the least featuring a 5MP camera,  4" inch Super-AMOLED high definition display giving you a crisp picture all the time and even consuming less power than your conventional screen & a whopping amount of internal memory - 8 GB and 16 GB versions available.

At time of release , the handset also came with Androids fastest mobile 3D rendering GPU chipset perfect for taking advantage of all the 3D games and apps available!  Also at the time of announcement at just 9.9mm thick it's the thinnest Android phone available.

And to top it off it comes pre-installed with Swype - an incredibly fast typing method, & an office viewer for viewing and editing all your important documents, spreadsheets and what not.

Tempting - wouldn't you agree?

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