Samsung Galaxy Pocket

Last updated: Aug 1st, 2012.

This entry-level smartphone is meant for those that want a highly-portable smartphone with an affordable price. This little guy features a 2.8 display, making it hard to use for the power consumer, but easier to carry for the casual user. As expected, the specs are also lack-lusting, but enough to be a good deal considering its affordability. 

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Samsung Galaxy Pocket coming to Three UK in September

Three UK will be getting Samsung’s latest entry-level Galaxy phone this September, one featuring a 2.8-inch display and compact form factor. The Samsung Galaxy Pocket does its name justice in those respects, and sports an 823MHz processor and 2MP camera in the process. Full release details have no been revealed, but I am willing to …

Samsung Galaxy Pocket takes its 2.8-inch display to the FCC

Samsung has a little something for the haters out there who say the Galaxy Note’s 5.3-inch display is laughably large. It’s the Samsung Galaxy Pocket, the Android smartphone with a 2.8-inch display that just passed through the FCC. There has been no word of plans to unleash the small fry on the US population, but …

Samsung Announces Galaxy Pocket, a 2.8 Inch Device

Who says bigger is better when it comes to Samsung? Despite their latest flagship offering, the Galaxy Note, coming to market with a 5.3 inch touch screen, they still know how to make small phones. Extremely small phones. They’ve just announced the entry level Samsung Galaxy Pocket. It’s a 2.8 inch smartphone that I honestly …