Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus

Last updated: Feb 13th, 2013.

The Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus is a rumored entry-level device. Its 850 MHz processor and 512 MB of RAM won't make your world go 'round, but it should be a great option for someone looking for an an affordable smartphone. 

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Samsung’s first half 2013 roadmap shows Note 8.0 and Xcover 2, no Galaxy S4

With rumors placing the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in April, it’s odd that a newly uncovered Samsung roadmap for the first half of 2013 doesn’t include the phone. Regardless, a few other rumored devices make an appearance, including the Galaxy Note 8.0, Galaxy Xcover 2, and Galaxy Pocket Plus in addition to the …

Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus leaked

Samsung looks to be bringing us another smallish Android handset for those not willing to jump on the “too big for comfort” wave. The device, which was leaked by SamMobile, is called the Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus, and at 2.8 inches it’s quite small.The Pocket is said to have an 800MHz Broadcom processor, 512MB of …