Samsung Galaxy NX

Last updated: Jun 18th, 2013.

The Samsung Galaxy NX is the Galaxy Camera's successor. Samsung has taken its Android camera a step further by making the NX a mirrorless camera. With interchangeable lenses and more settings, photography enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the power of Android even more. 

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Samsung Galaxy NX now shipping for $1,700

Android-based cameras have always excited us. The Galaxy Camera, while not quite as nice as some other point-and-shoots within its price range in the area of picture quality, offered a unique software experience that not many other cameras could keep up with. That’s why we were drooling over the Samsung Galaxy NX when Samsung first …

Samsung Galaxy NX camera coming in October starting at $1,600

Samsung has finally given folks a release timeframe and price to look forward to for their Android-powered Samsung Galaxy NX mirrorless camera that was announced a couple of months ago. The retailer promises to bring this thing out this October, and has stamped a $1,600 price tag on it for a body-only SKU.

Samsung Galaxy NX hands-on [VIDEO]

Leading up to today’s events, JK Shin confirmed to the world that Samsung would be showing off a mirrorless Android camera with interchangeable lenses at today’s events. Thankfully, Mr. Shin wasn’t bluffing. Following the announcement we ran over to the Galaxy NX demo as quick as we could to get our first look at this great new device.

Where to watch today’s Samsung event online

If you’ve forgotten that Samsung is holding a nice event in London today to show off new Galaxy and ATIV products, allow this to serve as your friendly reminder. We’ll be on-hand in both London and New York.