Samsung Function

Last updated: Aug 9th, 2011.

The Samsung Function is set to launch as Verizon's Galaxy S II. It appears as if this is a codename used by Samsung until Verizon decides to name it themselves. Latest rumors have pegged it to be the Samsung Fascinate 2 or the Samsung Stratosphere. It will look very similar not only to the international version (save for the navigation buttons), but also to Sprint and AT&T's version. It's expected to be announced and launched sometime in August 2011.

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Samsung Function Shows Up on Mobile Speedtest Site, But is it Real?

Just grabbed this little sucker from has a speed test that users can run and it ranks devices on a leaderboard. Looking at the fastest phones on Verizon, one forum poster was surprised to see the Samsung Function. Unforunately, we don’t know if this can be trusted. We’re not sure where Geekaphone pulls …

Would You Import a Galaxy S II If No US Carrier Adopted It? [Rumor]

Title says it all, folks. A rumor’s going around saying the Galaxy S II’s launch in the United States is in limbo. The country’s major carriers are supposedly dragging on with negotiations, citing improved CDMA radios by Motorola and HTC as reasons why they’d rather work with those manufacturers on upcoming flagships.The source speculates that …

Samsung Within, Attain, and Function Cases Appear on Amazon

Another case manufacturer has outed their new silicone cases for the Galaxy S II, and like the folks we saw before them, they out names for the Galaxy S II on Sprint, Verizon and AT&T (Within, Function and Attain, respectively). This doesn’t give us much more than we already know, but it does reaffirm beliefs …

Correction: Galaxy S II NOT Confirmed to Be on Verizon in July

Yea, this sort of slip-up from Verizon isn’t the least bit usual so we are not surprised to learn that today’s news of a July launch for their Samsung Galaxy S II Function is not confirmed. The Verizon rep that Computer World spoke to apparently meant to say that their LTE-enabled Tab 10.1 would be …