RAmos W7

Last updated: Dec 30th, 2010.

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RAmos W7 Android 4.8-inch MID Now Shipping for Close to $150

Back in August 2009, we were shown a mobile internet device that – at least externally – impressed the hair off our heads. The device was officially shown the next month and it looked even better than before. Around December (this was when Eclair was first being talked about), we learned that the device would …

Blue Magic: Ramos W7 Android MID Event & Details

Many months ago there was a mysterious Android MID that popped up at Pocketables – that was back in August.On September 25th it was unveiled as the Ramos W7 MID at a press event in Shenzhen, China and PCPOP (translated) was able to capture some of the action:We also got our first taste of specs: …