Mark your calendars

Google is set to unveil a slew of new products on September 30th

It’s been about a month and a half since Google finally revealed the Pixel 4a, but it turned out to not be the true successor to the Pixel 4. Instead, this is a budget-minded device, priced at just $350 but is currently impossible to find in stock anywhere. That is, unless you constantly refresh Best …

Goes to 11

OPPO surprises many with its ColorOS 11 launch and upcoming roadmap

Just last week, Android 11 graduated from beta status and started rolling out to owners of Pixel devices. A few different OEMs jumped onboard and announced plans for the Android 11 beta for their respective versions of the OS. Earlier today, OPPO was the latest to announce its update to ColorOS 11, which is based …


How To Be More Effective and Efficient With Dropshipping Using Your Android Phone

In today’s e-commerce driven times, dropshipping is becoming one of the most widely used business models that have shown significant results for customers and businesses alike. Dropshipping allows a person to set up a store, without a physical inventory. The sale of an item prompts the supplier to send the item directly to the customer …

Swivel time

This is the LG Wing, the worlds-first swivel smartphone

LG has never been viewed as a brand that delivers must-have technology, but the company is looking to change that with the introduction of the LG Wing – a smartphone with a swivel display.To put things simply, the LG Wing is a dual-screen smartphone with a main panel that swivels 90-degrees to reveal a companion …

A revolution

LG Wing’s UI revealed

LG is expected to announce their next smartphone soon, the LG Wing. Thanks to a bunch of leaked images, we have an idea of what to expect in terms of design and the user interface.

For The Fans

Samsung has scheduled a “fan” event for September 23

Samsung has recently announced a new event that will be taking place on the 23rd of September. While they did not explicitly mention what would be announced, it seems that it will most likely be the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition.

WiFi 6

What is WiFi 6, and why you should upgrade

Our mobile devices, laptops, and routers all support WiFi, but not all WiFi is equal. The latest version of WiFi is known as WiFi 6, so the question is what is it and why you should care about it.