Budget Gaming

Gaming phones may become more mainstream thanks to Qualcomm

While there’s a lot of focus placed on flagship Android phones like the Galaxy S21 Ultra and the OnePlus 9 Pro, some of the best Android phones we’ve seen this year are actually gaming-focused. That’s because these devices come in at a lower price, while including some features that you would never expect. Some examples …


The Benefits of Ethereum Casinos

When you hear about cryptocurrencies the first thing that comes to mind is Bitcoin. This is a great digital currency that has lots of benefits to investors which is why it’s a viable payment method at many online venues. Online casinos also offer this currency as a payment method and there are even casinos that …

Coming Soon?!

Hey Google, can we have the Pixel 6 now?

Google recently released a teaser trailer for their upcoming Google Pixel 6 handset, but come on, enough with the teasers, give us the phone already!

Very Soon

Android 12 could be released on October 4

According to the latest reports, the Android 12 update is now apparently scheduled for a release on the 4th of October, so keep an eye out for it if this is an update you’re looking forward to.

which type are you?

The 5 Types of Android Users You Meet [Part 2]

We may use hundreds of different devices with millions of different launchers, themes, and icon pack combinations, but we’re all Android users and we’re all unique.

Happy Middle

Google One has a new 5TB tier for $25 a month

Google has quietly introduced a new tier for its Google One cloud storage service, where they are now offering a 5TB storage option that sits in the middle of its 2TB and 10TB options.

Fold 3 review

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Review: Iteration at Its Finest

When I initially sat down to try and put my thoughts together for this review, I was going to take the “traditional” approach. But since the Galaxy Z Fold 3 has already been available a few weeks, that’s kind of the boring approach. We’ve all seen the specs and the camera performance, but not as …

New Buds

OnePlus Buds Pro review: great audio without the hype

Another week, another pair of true wireless earbuds to buy. OnePlus has been casually playing in the Bluetooth audio space for a few years now, but the new OnePlus Buds Pro are the first pair to make a big enough splash that you should actually pay attention to.The OnePlus Buds Pro are now available for …

No password?

How to unlock Android phone without password

One of the most frustrating aspects of smartphones today is when you come across a situation where you can’t get past the lock screen. Android phone makers have done a great job at providing different ways to unlock your device. But that doesn’t exactly help if you buy a used device that wasn’t properly wiped. …

Dark Mode

How to use dark mode in Google Search on the desktop

Dark mode is one of those features that is an absolute wonder as you no longer have to worry about your eyes being burned into oblivion when looking at your phone at night. And while Dark mode has been available on Android phones for quite some time, it has not had a seamless transition on …