It’s finally here

Call of Duty: Mobile is now available for Android

We’ve known for a while that Activision is looking to bring its Call of Duty franchise to mobile, and if you were excited for it, you’ll be pleased to learn that the game is finally here.

EYE catching.

Is HTC’s mobile team finally settled and living its best life at Google HQ?

Google’s Pixel 4 is probably 2019’s most leaked phone, even Google themselves have been publishing snippets of design and functionality on twitter. The leaks don’t stop coming and at this point we know almost everything. However a render leak of the new colour “Oh so orange” as they are expected to the call it at …

Unfolding the Surface Duo

Watch Microsoft unveil its Surface Duo foldable Android smartphone

As we already shared, Microsoft unveiled its first Android smartphone, the dual-screen, foldable Surface Duo. To give you a closer look at the device, its design, and functionality, we thought we’d share the unveiling of the device. While Microsoft is a new player in the Android space, the company has actually been one of the …

Microsoft has arrived!

Microsoft embraces Android with its dual-screen folding Surface Duo smartphone

Microsoft has announced that it will be getting back into the smartphone space in 2020 with a dual-screen foldable smartphone running Android. The Microsoft Surface Duo is only a prototype at this point, buy the hardware is a cross between the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the LG G8x which features a second display. The unique …

All the megapixels

iPhone 11 Pro versus Samsung Galaxy Note 10: camera shootout

There are a lot of people out there dedicated to the Android or iOS platforms and have no plans of switching over, but there are some who simply want the best smartphone camera that money can buy. The new iPhone 11 Pro from Apple is finally here, so we thought we’d do a camera comparison …