Android 12

How to download Android 12 Beta on Samsung Galaxy S21

Earlier today, Samsung announced that it is releasing the first One UI 4 beta for the Galaxy S21 series of devices, which is our first taste of Android 12 outside of Google’s beta program. But instead of opting for a private or limited beta program, if you own the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, or S21 …

Get Snapping

Oppo Find X3 Pro Photographer Edition officially unveiled

Oppo has announced a new variant of its Find X3 Pro which they’re calling the “Photographer Edition”. It features a new colorway designed to mimic the Kodak 35, and we have to say it doesn’t look half bad.

Best of Phandroid

How to find a lost or stolen Android phone

As important as smartphones have become in our everyday lives, misplacing them is one of the scariest things that can happen. Fret not: there are a few things you can do to find a lost or stolen Android phone.

Geekbench results

First Pixel 6 Pro benchmarks scores are a disappointment

Yes, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3 were just released, and the iPhone is more than likely coming tomorrow, but there’s one device that could outshine them all. Google’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have already been “unveiled”, but there are still a few key details that we don’t know about. Thanks …

A little nudge

Google Messages wants to help you remember to text your Mom back

For many, Google Messages is the go-to text messaging app on Android, especially with the integration with RCS and all of the fun that comes with that. But have you ever received a text that you meant to reply to, but forgot too for one reason or another? An APK Teardown by XDA Developers has revealed that …

To Infinity with Infinix

Infinix wants to help you capture more pictures of the moon with its Zero X phones

When the Galaxy S20 Ultra was released last year with its 100X zoom lens, it was a pretty incredible feat to be able to get a crisp picture of the moon from your smartphone. Since then, we’ve seen even more devices released with these periscope and ultra-zoom lenses, and now Infinix is here with an …

The true cost

Estimating Tuition and Student Loans Costs & Payments

Paying for college in the US can sometimes seem overwhelming. The costs of tuition are high, and you also have to pay the costs of living as well. How can you make sure that you have enough to cover both your normal expenses and the costs of attending school? Student loan aid might be the …