Advanced Threat Protection

Microsoft brings Defender ATP onto Android

It looks like Android users will now have another option of protecting themselves, thanks to Microsoft announcing that it will be bringing Defender ATP onto Android devices.

Be safe

Eight Security Tips for All Android Users

People are more worried about their privacy than before. Did you know that one billion Android devices are at risk of hacking? Now, mobile security has become essential because we store almost everything on our mobile phones. Be its confidential information, bank account details, credit card number, private chats, family photos, personal data, appointments, or even …

Best of Phandroid

150+ Android Tips and Tricks

Google has posted a master list of over 150 tips and tricks in an effort to get folks acclimated to their various products and services. That’s no small list, and it covers a wide range of things going from Gmail and Chrome to Android and YouTube.


The new Honor 9A is quite a compelling smartphone for €149

Honor is back with a new entry-level smartphone, the new Honor 9A. While the phone may only cost €149.90 when it goes on sale in early July, the device’s specs make it quite appealing when compared to the competition.The Honor 9A isn’t going to impress anyone when compared to phones in the €250 to €300 …

How to

How to Turn off Chrome Notifications

Google’s Chrome web browser in the undisputed leader in the category, offering incredible versatility and power. However, the browser isn’t quite perfect. In addition to being a huge resource hog, the browser become a major source of frustration due to notifications from appearing on your smartphone or computer from websites that you may have only …

Gaming to the max

Razer Kishi smartphone gamepad review: who needs a Switch?

Mobile gaming devices have been around for decades. If you’re older than 30, you likely have great memories of the Nintendo Gameboy or the Sega Game Gear. While the graphics those devices offered were a far cry from what we have today, no one can deny how satisfying it was to own a handheld gaming …

Build your team

The Best International Recruitment Tool

Recruitment Has Never Been This EasyThe Internet has permeated every aspect. Today, there are online tools that help market researchers, sales professionals, brand managers, and HR among others. These tools help professionals to stay on track and streamline their activities. For companies with international customers, these tools let them reach them. With the right online recruitment …

What’s New Apple

Apple invents new iPhone features Android has had for years

Apple just announced iOS 14 which brings about some pretty big changes and new features to the iOS platform. While some of it seems new, some of it are actually features that Android users have been enjoying for a while now.