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The Xiaomi Pad 5 is the Android tablet we sorely need here in the U.S.

Along with a trio of new smartphones that were announced this morning, Xiaomi has announced a few other devices and accessories that you might be interested in. This is headlined by the Xiaomi Pad 5, a 11-inch tablet that looks a lot like the iPad Air, but packs a powerful punch.Xiaomi Pad 5The Pad 5 …

Power User

First 8 things every Android phone owner should do

So, you’re new to Android, or maybe you’re just switching from one device to another. Here are some of the first things we reckon that every Android phone owner should do when they get their new device.

Big Pixel Leaks

Forget the iPhone 13, check out what the Pixel 6 Pro is bringing

Along with Google giving us a new high-res render to gawk at until the Pixel 6 lineup is in our hands, Mishaal Rahman of XDA Developers has uncovered a treasure trove of details. Google gave everyone a good look at the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro back in August, while confirming some of the key features …


What to do if I forgot my lock pattern?

What happens if you forgot your Android phone’s lockscreen pattern, PIN, or password? Here are the steps you’ll need to take to regain access of your Android device again.

Four year slumber

It’s been four years, and the Google Nexus Twitter account has awoken

Remember when Google had its Nexus lineup of phones instead of the Pixel? Those were good times, right? Well if you want to get hit right in the nostalgia bone, you might have noticed a tweet making waves in the Android circles. That’s because Google remembered the password to the Google Nexus Twitter account and …

iPad > Android

Apple’s new iPads show why Android tablets just suck

For many, this may not come as much of a surprise coming from me, but Android tablets suck. Arguably, you get a better experience with DeX Mode on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 than you do even with the best Samsung tablets. And I’m not here to talk about things like Apple’s odd (and likely …

Google's turn

The iPhone 13’s Cameras Set the Bar High For the Pixel 6

When we think about the Google Pixel, we think about some of the best cameras available in a smartphone. However, Google has kind of fallen to the way-side, at least in terms of camera hardware, allowing the competition to catch up.That’s all expected to change with the Pixel 6, but since we don’t know exactly …

A month from now

OnePlus 9 RT “tentatively” set to debut sometime in the middle of October

Back in August, a new rumor cropped up suggesting that the OnePlus 9 RT was in the works, which is a successor to the OnePlus 9R. Instead of offering a second flagship handset in the 2nd half of the year, this device is likely to be positioned in the mid-range market. Since the initial report, …


TCL Project Chicago: The Foldable Phone That Wasn’t Meant To Be

TCL has been making waves in the budget and mid-range markets over the course of the past two years thanks to successful releases of the TCL 10 series last year and TCL 20 series this year. But TCL has much bigger plans other than just duking it out with OnePlus and Motorola at the low-end …


5 Best Practices To Develop Secure Web Applications In 2021

There are several best practices to develop secure web applications in 2021. Web security should be included throughout the design, development and coding phases. Application security during development is vital to safeguard financial and personal data against potential threats. Additionally, it streamlines development efforts, production costs, and time to market. As a developer, you should …