More power

DEAL: Anker 521 Power Station just got a 23% price drop

Anker is best known for its smartphone chargers and portable power banks, but its 256Wh Portal Solar Generator, the Anker 521 Power House,  packs in a lot more power. While it’s usually listed for $260, the price on Amazon has been slashed to $199, offering a 23% discount!The Anker 521 Power House sports a total …

Moar Storage

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with 1TB of storage confirmed

If you’re the type that loves recording 4K videos on your smartphone or storing a ton of movies or music, then obviously you’ll need a lot of storage, but don’t worry the Galaxy S22 Ultra could accommodate those needs.

Oppo + Hasselblad

The Oppo Find X5 Pro’s camera may enjoy some Hasselblad tuning and features

While the OnePlus 10 Pro is launching in China, there are a few other devices on the immediate horizon that we’re excited to see. The Galaxy S22 lineup is rumored to be announced in just a few weeks, while Oppo’s next flagship could be the next flagship to hit the market. Details regarding the Oppo …

Price hike

Netflix ups the price of its monthly subscription yet again

While it’s pretty awesome to have access to thousands of TV shows and movies on any of your devices, we’re reaching a point where it’s more expensive to stream content than it is to just get a traditional cable box. Prices for different subscription services continue to rise, and Netflix is the latest offender. The …