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With Huawei’s sale of Honor, will Honor phones get Play Store access again?

Huawei’s ongoing harassment by the US government has forced the company to sell off its Honor brand. The company stated that “it is the best solution to protect the interests of Honor’s consumers, channel sellers, suppliers, partners, and employees,” and will “ensure its survival.”Over the last two years, Huawei has been struggling to maintain its …

Win a Chromecast

GIVEAWAY: Win the Chromecast with Google TV!

I hope you’re as ready for the 2020 Holiday Season as we are. This year has been full of trials and tribulations, but it’s all coming to an end as we near the end of the year. Black Friday is right around the corner, meaning that this will be the perfect time to grab those …

Time for a reset

How to Reset the OnePlus 8

If you’re looking for a way to reset your OnePlus 8, you’ve come to the right place! We got a lot of great smartphones in 2020, but the OnePlus 8 was one of our favorites. While the device is great, there are a few reasons why you may be looking to reset your OnePlus 8.  …

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Best arcade games for Android and iOS

One of the appeals of arcade games is that they’re quick and easy to get into and let you play games without having to invest too much of your time. Here are some of the best arcade-style games that we found that are also available on both Android and iOS devices.

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10 Best Offline Games Games for Android

Whether you’re stuck in a dead zone with nothing to do or you’re taking a cross-country road trip, here are some of the best offline offline Android games to play!


6 Ways To Make Money Online

There are many ways to make a living online, but how do you know which one is right for you?  Many people spend hours searching the Internet for a single way to make a living online, only to end up with nothing. If you’ve experienced the same in the past, this article can be a …

Wear OS

Google’s update gives Wear OS a breath of fresh air

Google has recently introduced some changes to its Wear OS platform which comes in the form of an updated version of its health tracking app Fit, along with additional tiles that users can add to their smartwatch.


5 essential testing solutions for accurate cross-browser testing results

Owing to the super dynamic application industry, the area where the QA’s suffer the most is cross-browser compatibility. The overwhelming gamut of variations like device – browser combinations, device -os combinations, their updations, screen sizes, form factor, etc makes it a challenging job for QA teams and developers to bring compatibility in applications for the …