Nooie Cam 360 Review: great quality with one fatal flaw

Security cameras are becoming quite popular these days as prices continue to fall and new features are added. Compared to what we had just a decade ago, home security cameras can do some amazing things. The Nooie Cam 360 is a good example of that and is the first indoor camera that I have ever …

All in?

Honor View 40 unveiled as company moves out from Huawei’s shadow

Following its recent fitness tracker and laptop announcements at CES just last week, Honor has unveiled its first smartphone of the year. The Honor View 40 is currently only available in China, but there’s a good chance that the device will soon be making its global debut as well.Honor has a history of releasing its phones …

Take out the trash

How to remove unwanted apps from your Android phone

If you’re using an Android phone that isn’t a Pixel, there’s a pretty good chance it came with a bunch of pre-loaded apps that you have no intention of ever using. Thankfully, you can now remove almost any app.

Charge faster

AUKEY’s lineup of Omnia chargers are the perfect match for the Galaxy S21

Now that the Galaxy S21 has been unveiled, you may be wondering what you’re going to do since there is no longer a charger in the box. This is a move that sparked some criticism after Apple did this with the iPhone 12, but now, Samsung and others are following suit. The difference is that …

It's about time

LG is preparing to say goodbye to the smartphone game

To say that LG has had a rough go-of-it when it comes to the smartphone market over the last five years, would be the understatement of the decade. The company has been hemorrhaging money left and right, as it continues to try and recapture the glory of the old days, yet coming up short year …

Ditch photoshop

16 Best Photoshop alternatives of Android and iOS

If you need a simple photo editing/retouching app, these Photoshop alternatives for Android and iOS may become a good choice. Adobe Photoshop is a professional image photo editor that is highly appreciated by beginner and professional photographers. The developers of this program have released a number of good applications, but each of them is suitable for …