Spy time

10 Best Text Spy Apps 2020

A simple way to spy on someone’s texts is to access their phone physically when they aren’t looking. Of course, people are protective of their phones, so it’s hard. It’s also impossible to do long-term. Luckily, you can use a spy app to read their text messages remotely instead. Not only are the best spy text …

stay cool

Amazing Google Assistant powered smart ceiling fan is 50% off!

Gone are the days when smart products in your home were limited to LED light bulbs and WiFi switches. TRIFECTÉ now has a whole lineup of smart ceiling cans that can be controlled with Google Assistant or Alexa, giving you full control over your lighting and cooling in your room. While these products are usually …

One step closer

Google’s Pixel 4a just cleared the FCC

A recent FCC sighting has revealed that Google’s upcoming Pixel 4a smartphone made a pit stop, but unfortunately, there are no signs that point towards when the phone will be released.


Five new iOS 14 features we’d love to see on Android

While a great deal of Apple’s iOS presentation at WWDC yesterday seemed to be a cover album of Android’s greatest hits of the last decade, there were a few features that I thought Android could possibly borrow in return.With the exception of one of these features they are relatively minor tweaks, so if it seems …