A memorable sale

Best Memorial Day tech deals

Memorial Day is upon us and the good news is that it looks like there will also be a ton of sales to be had, so if you’re interested in saving yourself some money, then these could be worth checking out.

Game on

5 addictive Android games to check out this week (May 21, 2020)

The Google Play store is full of awesome apps that can help you with tasks or simply help you take a break and relax with an engaging game. But how do you know what ones you should try? We can help you with that! Every week, we will share awesome new games that we think …

Cutting Costs

Samsung could seek cheaper displays for the Galaxy S21

According to recent rumors, it seems that perhaps in a cost-cutting measure, Samsung could actually start to source displays from outside, which in turn could lower the price of future handsets.

GEtting started

12 first things every OnePlus 8 Pro owner should do

As mentioned in our OnePlus 8 Pro review, the company has finally delivered a smartphone that can compete with true flagship devices in 2020. It’s sleep, fast and offers a decent camera as well. If you’re new to OnePlus devices or are simply looking for a few pointers on where to get started, this article …

unlimited storage!

How to get Google Drive unlimited storage

Over the past few years, Google, Microsoft and even Apple have bene pushing cloud storage as a safe and secure method to store our data online while also allowing for quick and simple file sharing. Google Drive has been one of the leaders in the space for quite some time, offering free storage tiers to …

Hit the reset button

How to reset the Samsung Galaxy S10+

If you’re reading this article, you’re looking for a way to reset your Samsung Galaxy S10. The Samsung Galaxy S10+ is one of our favorite smartphones from 2019, but sometimes a reset may be necessary to improve performance, fix a bug, or to wipe the phone’s storage completely.Samsung Galaxy S10+ review: refinement at its bestWhy …