Nikon Coolpix S800

Last updated: Aug 8th, 2012.

No manufacturer has managed to succeed in the Android camera market. After a few attempts from different parties, Nikon walks in with the rumored Coolpix S800. The Android-powered point-and-shoot camera is said to feature all the benefits of Android packed into a 3.5-inch screen form-factor. 

The camera's specs are still a mystery, but we know the device could come with Android 2.3, along with WiFi, built-in GPS and a 25-250 mm lens. 

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Nikon to release Coolpix S800 as first camera powered by Android

Several Android-powered camera concepts have launched to varying degrees of success, and the trend doesn’t look likely to end any time soon. Now Nikon, one of the most popular manufacturers of digital cameras, will release their first foray into the world of “smart” cameras. The Coolpix S800 is rumored for announcement later this month and …