Nexus Prime

Last updated: Jun 27th, 2011.

The Nexus Prime is rumored to be the next device in a series of pure Google phones. The name is unofficial. In fact, everything is unofficial except for the fact that we know a new Nexus device is coming around the holiday season, courtesy of Andy Rubin. This specific rumor says Samsung will be making the device, just like the Nexus S. It'll supposedly run Ice Cream Sandwich, have a 720p Super AMOLED "HD" display, and will have TI's OMAP4460 dual-core processor inside.

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NTT Docomo Will Carry Nexus Prime In November

NTT Docomo may have jumped the gun a bit in tweeting that they’ll be one of the first to carry the phone currently known as the Nexus Prime / Galaxy Nexus, but failed to reveal anything of real substance beyond an already expected timeframe. Still, the shock sent tweetwaves around the web as interested onlookers …

Nexus Prime Appears in RadioShack’s Cellebrite System

Both Verizon and Best Buy started showing the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in their Cellebrite system’s last week, and now RadioShack has joined in on the fun. Listing the Samsung SCH-I515 once again as the Nexus Prime, confusion remains on whether or not the handset will be released in some capacity under the name. There is …

“Nexus Prime” Also Appears in Best Buy’s Computer System

The SCH-I515 — aka the Samsung Galaxy Nexus — has appeared among the listings in Best Buy’s Cellebrite system. As you can see in the above image, the phone is listed under the Nexus Prime name, continuing to add confusion as to what the final product will be called. Good thing we only have less …

More Photos From the Nexus Prime Crop Up

Earlier in the week we were treated to shots made with the Nexus Prime, though Google promptly had those pulled. Now, another shot has surfaced on Picasa. Someone was seen posing with the brand new Ice Cream Sandwich statue and his photo was taken with the very phone we expect to see revealed October 19th …

Samsung and Google Confirm October 19th Announcement in Hong Kong

We told you guys the Nexus Prime + Ice Cream Sandwich announcement wouldn’t be far off. Alongside our source’s word that details of the new venue and date were imminent, a rumor swirled around saying that October 19th in Hong Kong would be the hosting site of what we expect to be the blockbuster unveiling …

Alton Brown Poses for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

While the above picture may just appear to be Food Network personality Alton Brown (or my old landlord, but that’s another story) posing with Google software engineer Denis Lynch, the EXIF data attached to the Picasa upload tells a different story. The picture was apparently snapped by none other than the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The …

Source: Galaxy Nexus (Nexus Prime) Will Have 1.5GHz Dual-Core TI OMAP 4460

A few more juicy bits of info regarding the Nexus Prime have fallen into our laps, once again thanks to a reliable insider with access to the soon-to-be-announced Verizon device. According to statements issued to the moderators over at Android Forums, the device our source has personally used was running a dual-core 1.5GHz TI OMAP 4460 processor. …

Poll: Are You Buying a Nexus Prime if it Doesn’t Have Exynos?

Much has been made about processor inside phones. Many of you choose your phones based on that fact alone. I know there was a big scare for the Galaxy S II units in America – if it didn’t have Exynos, you didn’t want it. (We won’t even refer to the comments made about T-Mobile’s variant.)There’s …