Last updated: May 20th, 2012.

The Motorola MOTOACTV is a different type of smart watch. It is aimed at those that would prefer to have a device for their active lifestyles. A fitness tracker of sorts.

The device is also an MP3 player and comes with internal storage of 8/16 GB. It has GPS, WiFi and bluetooth, so it works as a standalone device.

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[Opinion] What an ideal smartwatch should be like

Smartwatches seem like all the rage right now, and I am extremely excited about the future of them and wearable computing in general. But I don’t think anyone has put together a perfect experience for the average consumer. Yet.

MOTOACTV Receives 7.2 Software Update – Read Tweets, Facebook Updates and More

Motorola’s MOTOACTV smart/fitness watch just got a little smarter today after Motorola officially revealed a new software update for the accessory. A ton of stuff was added like the addition of new Twitter and Facebook plug-ins, as well as more detailed workout planning for all you health nuts out there. Here’s the full rundown of …

New updates available for MOTOACTV and companion app

A new update is available for Motorola’s personal trainer in an Android-powered watch. The upgraded software improves the MOTOACTV’s interaction with heart rate monitors and gives fitness fanatics the ability to select their primary activity at setup in order to get a more focused experience. The update also enhances album listings and for owners of …

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MOTOACTV companion app now available for all Android devices with added features

When Motorola first announced the MOTOACTV fitness tracker it was suggested that the device’s companion app would be available on all Android smartphones. Whether it was intentional or not, the app instead remained limited to a handful of Motorola devices. Not only is Motorola finally making the app available to all Android phones, but they …

MotoActv update delayed until Friday, still looks to shake things up

You may recall a major update for Motorola’s MotoActv was planned for today, March 7th. As things seem to go when it comes to upgrading Android software, there has been a slight delay. The update is now due this Friday, March 9th. The new software will offer some major changes and enhancements, including the ability …

Motorola keeping active, teases March software update for MOTOACTV

Motorola is working on an update that will bring even more functionality to their MOTOACTV fitness tracker and music player. After providing a few minor software tweaks over previous months, the update planned for March will expand the MOTOACTV’s tracking abilities from biking, running, and walking to a range of other sports including yoga, dancing, …

MotoACTV update makes it a bit better, but is it worth your bucks?

The smartwatch market is a bit tricky. Despite the fact that it has great potential, manufacturers have not quite hit the target with such devices. Motorola is one of the most notable players in the smartwatch market, with its MOTOACTV. And Motorola has just updated this bad boy, making it a bit more efficient.After connecting …