Motorola DROID X

Last updated: Jul 6th, 2010.

 Motorola DROID X is an Android powered smartphone with a 1GHz processor, huge 4.3-inch display with 480x854 pixels resolution, 8-megapixel camera with 720p motion video capture and many other features. It's the newest addition to Motorola's Droid line on the Verizon network. It's a rare phone due to its hardware navigation buttons, but nothing else really stands out aside from it being Motorola's first phone with a display this large.

Verizon spread a ton of hype throughout the country when the DROID X launched with its DROID Landing campaign. They took to twitter to announce a contest where a number of lucky scavenger hunters could get their very own Motorola DROID X for free, though we're sure those winners were locked into a two-year contract with Verizon.

The development community has approached the Motorola DROID X well as tons of dedicated developers work to make sure the device doesn't die long after it is off store shelves.

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First Droid X Custom ROM Released with Installation Instructions

Earlier today we got a glimpse of the Droid X running the custom Sapphire ROM, definitively proving that the task was possible. The video, however, did not come with a copy of the ROM and installation instructions in tow. Enter Birdman, a Droid hacker hard at work on the X, who has released the first …

How To: Boot the Droid X into Recovery Mode

There probably aren’t many reasons why you’d need to access recovery mode on your Droid X at the moment, but you never know when it might come in handy. Provided the hacking and development community can find a way to gain root access to the Droid X, this little tip could be very useful when …

Motorola Droid X Review

NOTE: the Droid X Forums are open and bumpin!The Motorola Droid X for Verizon Wireless continues a partnership that helped set the Android Platform on fire. The hot streak continues with the Droid X as Motorola not only proves they can continually churn out industry leading hardware, but improve their custom software experience to provide …

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Droid X Falls Into Campfire – Keeps On Ticking [Images]

There’s nothing quite like like the taste of fresh toasted marshmallows from the campfire on a warm summer night. The same goes for this Motorola Droid X who almost met an early demise after its owner had a “one too many,” and dropped the X face first into a blazing campfire. I’m sure you’re wondering, …

Android Porn: The biggest pervs have the biggest phones [NSFW]

Bigger is always better when it comes to porn, or at least that’s what the results of MiKandi’s 2011 year-end review are suggesting. Android’s biggest third-party  market for adults-only apps broke down the most popular phones for using porn apps and the results all trend towards device’s with larger display sizes. So who are the …

Keyboard Fixer Update Now Rolling Out For The Motorola Droid X

A new software update has begun rolling out for the Droix X. Build number 4.5.605 otherwise known as “the keyboard fixer update” should address a lot of the issues Droid X users have been reporting while using the virtual keyboard on the device. Things like freezes, random reboots have been plaguing the device so this …

MiUi Ported to DROID X and DROID 2

If you were wondering how soon you would be able to enjoy MiUi after the DROID X and DROID 2 got second init support, stop wondering – it’s here. Everything is as it would appear on other devices so you should feel right at home if you’ve been to this rodeo before. Simply download the …

Did Verizon Reject Motorola Gingerbread Updates for Being Overly Buggy?

When Verizon’s Droid X received its update to Gingerbread, we hoped it would mean smooth sailing for the rest of the carriers high-end handsets from Motorola on their path to Android 2.3. A Gingerbread “soak test” followed shortly for the Droid 2 Global, but a few weeks later the update has yet to rollout to …

Netflix for Android Gets Updated to Add DROID X (Gingerbread Only) Support

Our inbox is chock full of excited little DROID X owners who, upon checking the Android market, were surprised to see that Netflix is now officially available for their devices. The caveat is that you must be on Android 2.3, but that shouldn’t be much of a problem these days, should it? Go on, catch …

CyanogenMod 7 Officially Finds a Home on the Droid X

Even if you don’t have a Motorola Droid X, most people involved in the Android modding scene already know their reputation of being locked down so tight — even Motorola can’t crack them.Well, a lot of that may soon change with this recent breakthrough in the Droid X modding community. Apparently, the developer known as …

Droid X Users – Be Careful When Updating To Gingerbread

UPDATE: Our Editor, Rob Jackson, has the Droid X and wanted to chime in. If you’re updating your Droid X to 2.3.3 PLEASE be patient. It’ll take a LONG time and your phone will sit on the Red Droid screen for 5-10+ minutes. It isn’t frozen. Don’t pull the battery. Problems are likely originating from …