Motorola Atrix 3

Last updated: Jun 16th, 2012.

The Atrix series of devices is one of Motorola's best, so we were sure there would be a third iteration. The Motorola Atrix 3, otherwise known as the Motorola Dinara, passed through the FCC during mid-June. It is said to come with a 720p display, a Snapdragon S4 processor and LTE bands for AT&T's network.

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Motorola Dinara/ATRIX 3 lands at the Bluetooth SIG

After making an appearance at the FCC not too long ago, the Motorola Dinara, also affectionately known as the Motorola ATRIX 3, has made its way to the Bluetooth SIG. This is just another step in the process that lets us know we should be seeing it unveiled soon. The Android 4.0 device will feature …

Motorola Atrix 3 Passes Through the FCC On Its Way to AT&T

Last week, the Motorola Dinara was leaked in the image you see above you. Also known as the Atrix 3, the next flagship to come out of the now Google owned Motorola has just been officially cleared by the FCC under the model number MB886, giving us a clue that the device could be soon …

Image of Motorola Dinara for AT&T leaks, could be the Atrix 3

A photo of the press variety has surfaced purporting to be AT&T’s next Motorola handset. Signs point to the photo being the device codenamed Dinara. We’ve heard the name bandied about plenty in past months, and rumors point to the device featuring a 720p HD display and run Ice Cream Sandwich on Ma Bell’s LTE …