Meizu M9

Last updated: Jan 3rd, 2011.

The Meizu M9 may look like just another iPhone clone, but what's inside of it tells another story. It has a 1Ghz processor, 3.5 inch capacitive touchscreen, and Android 2.1 onboard.

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ICS Public Beta for the MEIZU MX or M9 now live

Rock the MEIZU MX or the M9? Then we got good news for you, people, the public beta for the ICS firmware is now a go, after a little over a month of private testing. You can get more info from the press release attached at the bottom of the post.It’s really good to see …

China’s Meizu M9 Receives Speedy Gingerbread Update

Looks like those guys over at Meizu are on top of things these days. With the launch of their successful M9 many people wondered what the future of the device would hold for consumers. All of those fears can be put to rest with the Meizu M9 users receiving their first taste of Android 2.3 …

Meizu Wants in on the US Market with Plans to Open California Office

Jack Wong treats them like their his babies, Steve Jobs alleges they infringe on the copyrights of his own toys. Certainly, at least one member of Meizu’s family of phones could easily be mistaken for a cut-rate iPhone clone typical of Chinese manufacturers, but Wong, CEO of Meizu, isn’t letting that stop him from opening …

Meizu M9 ROM Ported to HTC EVO 4G

In a move that further proves Android hackers have no decency, the ROM from the Meizu M9 has been ported over to everyone’s favorite Sprint handset, the HTC EVO 4G. Don’t worry, it’s not fully functional yet. Support for CDMA and the EVO’s screen size is still absent, but once it’s baked in we’ll be …

Meizu M9 Site Launches, Full Specs Revealed

The Meizu M9 is perhaps second to only the Notion Ink Adam as the piece of Android equipment we thought we may never see, but seeing as the Adam just went up for pre-order that should bump the M9 right up to the top spot. Not to be outdone, Meizu has just launched the website …

Meizu M9 Shows its Face in Spy Shots

Meizu hasn’t been coy about their followup to the lawsuit-inspiring, iPhone-clone M8. The Meizu M9 has been getting all sorts of hype from the higher ups at the company, including boastful claims that the handset will feature Retina-display resolution at 960×640 on a 3.6-inch screen, a 1GHz processor, 5MP camera, and HDMI output all at …

Meizu M9: Android 2.2, 960×640 Pixel Screen, October

A year ago, we told you that the CEO of Meizu addressed fanboys about their pursuit of Android. Then, a few months ago we told you that the company known for iPhone lookalikes was poised to launch the Meizu M9 with Android 2.1. Today we get more details.In a post on the company’s forum, CEO …

Meizu CEO Leaks M9 Pics, Pulls Them and Says “My Bad”

Actually he didn’t say “my bad” but that’s the sort of stuff I wish CEOs would say more often when accounting for oil spills, financial crisis, and leaked cell phone pics. And for whatever reason Jack Wong, CEO of Meizu, got so giddy he went and threw some blurry shots of his little baby the …

Meizu M9 Specs Show a Powerful Handset

One of the bigger phones that will be landing on the other side of the Great Wall this year is the Meizu M9, the Android 2.1 device that CEO Jack Wong announced back in April. Now we are getting a bit of info on the specs for that phone, including a 1GHz Samsung S5PC110 processor …

Meizu M9 Coming With Android 2.1, M8 Gets An Android Makeover

Some unusual – but still very interesting – news dropped recently. Meizu, the company famous for making an iPhone clone to die for, is bringing out a handset that will sport a modified version of Android 2.1. Dubbed the Meizu M9, it’ll come equipped with 3 different types of keyboards but no other features (or …