Huawei U8100

Last updated: Nov 16th, 2010.

The Huawei U8100 is a simple, small, and stylish Android phone. Well, if you like pink, it is.

We don't quite have a full spec list, but it is running Android 2.1, has a 3 megapixel camera with LED flash, and a 2.8 inch touchscreen.

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Wind Brings Low-Cost Huawei U8100 to Canada

The Huawei U8100 has been getting out all over the place lately, and the latest carrier to snatch up the modest Android handset is Canada’s Wind. For $160 with no contract commitment, you get just about what you pay for. With hardware like a 3.2MP camera, the U8100 won’t stack up against the behemoth handsets …

Huawei and Movistar Team Up For Low-Cost Android Handset

While the HTC Wildfire may be the current rage for an upcoming low-end smartphone on the cheap, that hasn’t stopped Movistar from unveiling the Ivy, a handset emerging from a partnership with Huawei. The phone is a rebranded Huawei U8100 featuring Android 2.1 and should now be available in Europe.A rundown of what you will …

Huawei U8100, U8110 and U8300 Android Phones Announced!

When we told you about the Huawei U8800 Android Phone we got the goods from a Press Release. Somehow we overlooked the U8100/U8110 and U8300 completely – they just didn’t seem to LOOK like Android Phones so we assumed they weren’t. These entry level handsets are aimed at the youth market and I think it’s …