Huawei IDEOS X5

Last updated: Mar 25th, 2011.

The Huawei Ideos X5 (U8800) seeks to offer the complete Android pacakge for a budget price. As such, don't expect the world in the specs department, but don't think this phone isn't fully capable. The Ideos X5 features an 800MHz CPU, 3.8-inch touchscreen, and 512MB of RAM. Couple that with an Adreno 205 GPU and you'll find this phone is no slouch.

Also included is a 5MP camera with LED flash capable of 720p video recording. You'll get 4GB of storage for saving pictures, video, and apps downloaded from the Android Market. 

The Huawei Ideos X5 U8800 won't be a go-to device for those seeking a top-notch handset from a big-name manufacturer, but for anyone wanting to break into Android at a budget price, this is a perfect handset to check out.

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