Huawei Fusion 2

Last updated: Jul 23rd, 2012.

As the successor to AT&T's Huawei Fusion, this apple did not fall far from the tree. Its specs seem to make it yet another affordable device for AT&T's pay-as-you-go services. It should come with an equally enticing price-tag, but those looking for a high-end smartphone will simply have to look somewhere else. 

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Huawei Fusion 2 heads to the FCC

Huawei’s latest budget phone, the Huawei Fusion 2, was seen being serenaded by engineers over at the offices of the FCC. The smallish device is no doubt headed for AT&T. Earlier leaks of the device suggested this, but the FCC’s confirmation of AT&T’s GSM radios gives us another piece of evidence to cling on to.The …