HTC Vision

Last updated: Nov 16th, 2010.

The HTC Vision is speculated to be HTC Desire but with a full QWERTY keyboard!

Founded in a user agent profile the data is almost identical to the HTC Desire’s, except for the minute detail that it will sport a QWERTY keyboard. Also found in the User agent profile was the letters ‘TMO’, suggesting that – whatever this device may be – it could be on its way to T-Mobile. Looks like we'll have to wait and see!

As a new train gets rolling on another round of rumored HTC devices, we’ll stay alert for any new details surrounding them!

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T-Mobile Teases First HSPA+ Phone

We know T-Mobile is planning to release their first phone with native HSPA+ capabilities right around the end of the summer. All signs point to it being an Android phone, most likely one made by HTC. The HTC Vanguard spotted on a leaked product roadmap and scheduled for a September 9th release seems to be …

T-Mobile-Branded HTC Vision Shows Up in the Wild, Being Named the G1 Blaze?

This reminds me of the time when the MyTouch 3G Slide still didn’t officially exist. Now, shots of HTC’s latest rumored device for T-Mobile – the HTC Vision – have cropped up and it looks to be the high-end beast that everyone expects it to be. There’s one very elegant way to sum the device …

HTC Vision to be T-Mobile’s First HSPA+ Smartphone this September

Remember that recently leaked T-Mobile device road map? The on that mentions a certain HTC Vanguard getting a release this September? That phone very well could be the recently-imaged HTC Vision with its slide-out QWERTY keyboard, but the juicier information is that this handset might just be T-Mobile’s first fully-functional HSPA+ device. And if that’s …

HTC Vision, Ace Named in List of Phones Headed to the UK

The recently-spied HTC Vision has appeared on a list of devices that are heading to the UK later this year. Of the six devices named in the report over at Omio, two Android phones should be getting a release in October. Along with the Vision and it’s four-row QWERTY keyboard there is also word that …

3.7-inch QWERTY-fied HTC Vision Spotted in the Wild

The HTC Vision has long been rumored as the QWERTY-equipped high-end Android that many people have been looking for, and that rumor does not fail in getting stronger and stronger as the weeks pass us by. A relatively clear shot of the supposed device has surfaced and looks like everything the rumors have been describing …

Dual Core, 4.3-inch HTC Vision Headed For T-Mo This Year?

Well, if this doesn’t silence all of the complaints T-Mobile customers have regarding the lack of a true superphone, then I don’t know what could. During AndroidGuys’ podcast, Scotty Brown talked about a discussion he held with an HTC rep regarding a phone they’re working on that should impress the pants off of everyone by …

HTC Vision = Desire With a Keyboard Headed For T-Mo? Other New Codenames Revealed

Hot off the heels of yesterday’s Google I/O keynote and Android-related sessions (and after having an Oprah moment with the attendees by giving everyone in attendance an HTC EVO 4G), some new user agent profiles have cropped up revealing several codenames for new HTC handsets.While some of these may not be Android-based, several outlets believe …