HTC Vigor

Last updated: Jul 6th, 2011.

Said to be a phone headed for Verizon, we know very little about the HTC Vigor. In fact, all we have is the name and one measly sample image from the device's camera. The photo suggests its camera will be a 6 megapixel sensor, but it's plausible that this phone could have an 8 megapixel sensor and that the image was taken at a step below the maximum. We were first tipped off to the name HTC Vigor in 2009, but nothing has come into form regarding that device until just recently.

HTC Vigor

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Cellebrite System Prepped for Nexus Prime, Droid HD, and HTC Vigor

Cellebrite, a system wireless providers use to transfer data between mobile handsets, has been updated with a host of long-rumored devices for Verizon. The Samsung Nexus Prime (listed under that name), Motorola Droid HD, and HTC Vigor have all found their place among Big Red’s other offerings. Of course, Cellebrite doesn’t do much to provide …

Verizon Recommends Accessories for the “Vigor by HTC” on Their Website

This is a bit interesting. Eagle-eyed members of have spotted accessories recommended by Verizon for the “Vigor by HTC” on Big Red’s website itself. The accessories themselves aren’t worthy of mention – they are generic accessories meant for any device – but the fact that Verizon’s apparently referring to this phone as the Vigor …

Downloads: HTC Vigor Wallpapers, Ringtones and More

We wouldn’t normally get excited about goodies pulled from a phone’s ROM ahead of its official release (or announcement, for that matter) but considering the HTC Vigor runs HTC Sense 3.5 we had to highlight this occasion. Android Police have gotten their hands on a lot of stuff for us to sink our teeth into.Ringtones …

HTC Vigor (Thunderbolt 2) Battery Pops Up On Amazon

Just in time for that rumored Oct. 13th launch date, official OEM accessories for the HTC Vigor/Thunderbolt 2 have already begun popping up on Amazon. The accessory in question is this 1620mAh battery that should put out an extra hour 2 of life when compared to the original Thunderbolt’s 1400mAh. Hopefully when paired with the Thunderbolt …

Press Shot Gives Us a Clear Look at the HTC Vigor

No surprise here, folks. The HTC Vigor looks like just about every other high-end smartphone the company has produced in the past year. The above press photo won’t do much to differentiate it from the pack, but perhaps its rumored 720p display and 1.5GHz dual-core processor will. From in-the-wild photos leaked last month we know …