HTC Dream

Last updated: Nov 16th, 2010.

Whether the HTC Dream or the T-Mobile G1 was the first Android Phone is a debate that would run Socrates in circles: essentially they are the same exact phone.

When rumors surfaced of the first ever Android Phone, the internal codename given the device by HTC was the HTC Dream. The name stuck for quite awhile, until that is, T-Mobile officially announced the launch of the world's first Android Phone - the T-Mobile G1. They took the HTC phone and gave it their own brand.

However, the name HTC Dream wouldn't lay dormant for long. As loads of international carriers jumped at the opportunity to carry the phone, the couldn't use the proprietary T-Mobile G1 name for obvious reasons. So wherever the world's first Android Phone launched on any carrier besides T-Mobile, it carried the HTC Dream name.

While the Dream and G1 are the exact same phone from a specs standpoint, except for the necessary frequency/technology to operate locally, the T-Mobile logo is obviously swapped out for an HTC Logo... or the logo of whichever carrier you find it:

The HTC Dream has an incredibly functional Full QWERTY keyboard that slides out horizontally. Its usability is exceptional for heavy emailers and texters. It comes packed with a 3.2MP camera and can hold up to 32GB of memory externally.

For Android fans who love hardware keyboards, the HTC Dream sets a pretty high bar and the device only improves as the Android OS and Android Market get better and better each day.

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