HTC Click

Last updated: Nov 16th, 2010.
The HTC Click was first rumored on July 22nd as an affordable - and possibly free - Android phone due out before the end of 2009. While details a sparse, a promotional picture has already popped up that seems to indicate the HTC Click is definitely real:
HTC Click Promo Picture
We'll provide details as they emerge!

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HTC Click/Tattoo Lacks Wi-Fi, Landing In France Soon

One way to tell that the HTC Click is an Android Phone meant for the price conscious is that it doesn’t have Wi-FI! It would be the first Android Phone to lack this connectivity. According to the French site Frandroid (translated to English), the Click will be called the Tattoo when it launches on Bouygues …

HTC Click Video Proves It’s Pho Real

The HTC Click is technically a rumor, but its appearance in a video posted by Vietnamese website Tinh Te should provide reassurance that this budgetized Android device will see the light of day. In the video we can clearly see a MicroSD slot, 3.5mm headset jack, 1100mAh battery, camera without flash and Donut build 1.50.999.0:Since …

HTC Click To Sell Like Hotcakes. Come Early Q4

If the dates and numbers over at DigiTimes are right, the HTC Click could be launching as early as September for a very small price tag and move a LOT of units. According to the article, HTC is forecasting 19% growth in shipments in the 4th Quarter of 2009 due largely in part to the …

HTC Click: Free Android Phone?

It was only yesterday we heard about the low-end HTC Click Android Phone and we filed it firmly in the rumor bin. But a new image of the phone has popped up that looks more promotionally convincing and could suggest the HTC Click is closer to launch than we might think:And perhaps even more compelling… …

HTC Click – Sponsored by Adam Sandler?

Just received a tip from, what I assume to be, one of the writers from PointGPhone, regarding a few pictures of HTC’s next Android based phone. Just an initial review leads one to speculate that this will be HTC’s first entry into the entry-level-Android-Market. Take a look at the pictures, and draw your own conclusions: …